Valentine’s Day

My Valentine’s Day started off nice and early.  For some reason I couldn’t sleep so I decided to get up and be crafty at 5am.  I made these little heart boxes with my Silhouette cutting machine, added a little note and then put little bags of homemade marshmallows in them for Jack’s classmates.  
When Jack got up, I had to force him to write his name a few more times on his Valentine’s cards.  He had already cut out a bunch of hearts and put stickers all over them.  He was supposed to write his classmates’ names on all of them, but he only got one done.  The funny thing is that we started really early with making his valentines.  I guess it was too early because he was excited about making them in January and then had no desire to do much more with them in the last couple weeks.  
He had a nice little class party.  This was the first party where I’ve actually seen him interact with his classmates.  At other times, he was focused on Casey and I being there and not interacting with his friends.  Yesterday he was telling jokes and talking to everyone at his table.  He actually came up with a pretty funny joke – “Why did the bear cross the fire?  He wanted to get fired up.”    

 We worked on valentines for Daddy in the afternoon and played outside.  For Pat’s valentines we got a little crafty.  We taped some heart shapes into baking pans.  Then covered some marbles with paint and rolled them around in the paint to make “marbled hearts.”  It was a cute little craft but didn’t take nearly as much time as I wanted it to.

Dinner turned out to be a hit though.  We made our own heart shaped ravioli.  I got the idea from a blog called little things bring smiles and her Valentine Inspired Dinner Party.  I put 1 1/2 cups of flour and 1/2 cup of water in some bowls and told the kids to dig in and turn it into dough.  After we kneaded it for a while, we rolled it out, cut it into heart shapes and added a little cheese.  It wasn’t the greatest pasta but the kids liked it, even after it was cooked and they loved making it.  I would have liked some pictures but my hands were covered in dough the whole time.

Overall it was a nice Valentine’s Day.  I wish I had done some Valentine decorating but I just didn’t get there this year.  I saw so many cute ideas in the blog world.  Maybe next year.