First Swim Meet

Jack and Casey joined the Crocs swim team this summer.  Last week was their first week of practice and their first swim meet.  Casey was able to go to all the practices last week but Jack also had baseball camp and he only got to a few minutes of practice on a couple of days.  
It’s been a chilly spring here (by Memphis standards) and the water has not been very warm.  But Casey has jumped right in and done everything coach has asked of her.  Jack is a little more hesitant and prefers to be the last one in the water and tries to hang out at the back of the line before he has to jump in again.  I really don’t blame him.  I’ve never really been a fan of cold water.  One of my childhood friends always had a swimming party for her birthday…at the end of May, in a lake, in Maine.  I’m pretty sure I never got past my knees at those parties.  But, temps are forecast for the 90s this week so I have a feeling it will warm up pretty soon.  
So far, I have been completely impressed with what a week of swim team practice has done for both of them.  Four days of practice and then they swam in their first swim meet!
This swim meet was just chaos.  The swim coordinator sent out a bajillion emails about what we had to do to be ready for it.  The kids need to be marked a certain way in permanent marker, before sunscreen/bug spray, in a certain place. They need to be lined up and ready to go for their event, in the right lane, waiting for the beep.  Some events are combined so you have to know if you’re event might go a little sooner.  
But, I figured it out and got them where they needed to be and they were so impressive!  What I did not figure out until the end of the race was that I had been putting their swim caps on them sideways.  Maybe this week it will be easier to get it on if I do it correctly.  
Jack and Casey both swam a 25m freestyle relay and an individual 25m freestyle and it was the first time they had ever swum the length of the pool without touching the lane ropes for help.  They did it both times and I’m still so proud of how well they did!  Casey also did a 25m backstroke and did well at that.  She just needs to work on her rudder control.  
You get a ribbon in every event that you swim and these guys were very happy with their ribbons.  Both of their relay teams came in first!  
Jack got his first full practice in today and he was very excited for it.  He is learning breast and back stroke and is excited to swim those events in the future.  I have a feeling that I will continue to be impressed by my little crocs as the summer progresses.