Thoughts on Wednesday

After two days where Casey continually interfered in anything Jack related, they woke up this morning best of friends.  Maybe a front passed through or something.  Not only did they enjoy each other’s company but they were imaginative too.  They made beds for their babies with the MegaBlocks box.  One had the box top and the other the bottom and they carried their babies all around the house.  It was only a short truce but it was so peaceful.


I love the fact that I am writing this blog and kind of chronicling Jack and Casey through these years (since the baby books didn’t turn out that great).  But I wish I could capture their voices right now.  What they say is funny and I can write that down, but it’s so hard to capture how they say it.  Casey’s voice, in particular is so cute right now.  And when she getting really excited or a little wound up, she has a deep voice that she uses and it is a riot.  I could take some videos or even record some audio but in reality I’m not going to edit and put together voice soundtracks.  And I would probably never get the funniest parts anyway.  I guess I’m just writing this down to remind myself someday that they had the cutest little voices.


Jack had Little Gym tonight and as I was saying good night, he wanted to chat a little bit.  Earlier he had told me that if he pees more that means he is growing.  He wanted to sit on the potty until he peed again, but I diverted him back to his bed.  As we were laying there, he said, “I think if I pee more at lunch tomorrow I will get bigger.  How do you see into my belly?”

I said, “I can’t see into your belly Jack.”

“Well, Alicia [spoken with a Spanish accent that I didn’t get at first – A-lee-see-a] can see into bellies and sees all kinds of things.  She put this thing in an alligator and could see that he didn’t chew, just swallowed.”

“Who are you talking about?…Oh, Alicia from Diego?”

“Yeah, she’s Diego’s sister.  She can save animals too.  Where does Diego live?”

“It’s time for bed now Jack.  No more questions.”

As I was leaving he said he was thirsty.  When I went to give him the cup of water, he told me he was only a little thirsty and could I please get him the cup with just a little water in it.

I’m really curious as to exactly what Alicia was doing with that alligator now.  I’ll have to catch that Diego rerun some day.