Poor Pluto

On the way to the Little Gym tonight, Jack was looking out the window for “a red light” in the sky.  He said he was looking for Jupiter and Mars because they were red lights in the sky.  We talked a little bit about how far away they were and how it was hard to see them (especially when it’s cloudy and you can’t even see the moon).  Then he wanted to know if the big storm on Jupiter could come to Earth.  I told him it wouldn’t come here because it would stay in Jupiter’s atmosphere.  Then I asked him if there was anything living on any of the other planets.  And he replied, “Well, I know that there are Martians on Mars because the Backyardigans were the first to discover them.”  All the scientists can do all their research and send probes, but the Backyardigans actually take trips there (and it’s documented in a tv show) so that’s obviously the real truth.

Interestingly, we got our first book about the planets that does not include Pluto as a planet.  Jack is a little confused because all the other books are older and predate the demotion of Pluto.  I found a book at the library written by the guy who demoted Pluto and apparently discovered another planet that I’m planning to read…and then I’ll be able to better explain that to Jack.  
On another topic…Jack noticed that the new toilet paper in the bathroom had hearts on it.  He said, “Mommy, I don’t think you need to buy toilet paper for Valentine’s Day and other holidays because you’re just going to use it to wipe my bum.”