Time to jump back into the blogging saddle!  I had a weird dream this morning about another blogger…someone I’ve never met and she doesn’t even know I exist.  But we were supposedly working together to sell some things and I ended up slapping her in the face two times because I was so mad at her.  She eventually slapped me in the face and then we were even and figured out how to sell some things.  I had to explain to her that I am not a salesperson but I would be really good at the organizing part of our business.  Anyway, I took this weird dream to mean that I should blog more often again.

Pat left on Saturday for his new job in Tennessee.  He drove most of the night and then got up early to look at some houses that we are interested in renting.  A few weeks ago, there were several nice houses on the rental market and then a lot of schools around the country had spring break.  Since I’m planning to go house hunting during our upcoming spring break it makes sense that other people were doing the same during theirs and the houses found renters or vice versa.  We started to feel like we might miss out on some great houses if we didn’t act soon.  So Pat started looking at houses before he’d barely even realized he was in Tennessee.

I have a feeling we are going to rent a place soon and it will be sight unseen for me.  I asked Pat as many questions as I could about the places but it’s not the same as seeing it with my own eyes.  All the elementary schools in the area are pretty good so that’s not a worry.  Basically I want a nice driveway and place for the kids to play outside, a fenced in backyard for Tugger and a good kitchen.  I’m sure Pat will do a good job of finding the best place for us…but it’s hard to give up control, especially of the place I will spend all my time and will turn into a home for us.

Princes & Fishes

I’m torn between whether I should write about the conversation I had with Jack today or whether I should just go on and on about how cute the Wales brothers are.  As in, William and Harry.  As in Prince William and Prince Harry.  
While at the gym today I glanced up at the tv and saw a couple of cute guys in uniform.  Then it went to commercial and I wondered who those cute guys were.  To my delight, when the commericals were over, I realized that it was Prince William and Prince Harry.  I wasn’t able to catch all of the close captioning of what they were saying (even though I did slow down to a walk on the treadmill) but I did enjoy watching them.  
I think Pat and I have an agreement that if Prince William ever wanted to marry me, I was free to go.  I think I might have to see if I can make an amendment because Harry is getting to be better looking than William.  William is starting to look a little too much like his dad lately, although he would be a little closer to me in age.  I heard about some bogus study that says that men who marry younger women have a better chance of living a long life, but not so much with an older woman.  I don’t know as I would want to be responsible for any kind of shortened lifespan for either of them.  Although I think I could be a pretty good queen.  As long as I could have my own hairdresser.  
Anyway, back to focusing on my children…
We played in our new pool today.  It’s about 8 ft across and 18″ deep and sits on our deck.  It has a filter and a cover, which was one of the reasons we got it…no more bugs floating in gross water that should have been dumped out.
Anyway, Jack and I played with his fish while Casey was napping.  He wanted to name the fish and he came up with Hmmm.  As in, “Hmmm, what should we name this fish? How about Hmmm?”  
In the course of about an hour, Hmmm jumped in and out of the pool about 30 times, built a house, moved to a new house, became friends with a boat, got a new little sister, played basketball, and took a nap.  In case you were wondering what happened to Hmmm’s first house, Jack said, “It got old so they put it in the garbage.”  
He was a busy little fish and I think he may have been relieved when Jack said that his name was no longer Hmmm and that he needed a new name.  I felt certain that the name Nemo was on the tip of his tongue, so I threw out the oh-so-original name of Fin and it stuck.  I think Nemo is probably reserved for orange fish and this one was blue.  I have a feeling Fin might be a busy little fish tomorrow in the 95 degree heat that is predicted.