Mother’s Day Weekend

After the Crayola Factory on Friday, we had more fun events to keep us busy.  We visited Uncle Matt and Aunt Kelly.  The kids played loudly until Brady finally woke up from his nap and could go out to play.  We went to a huge castle playground that we had visited last time we were in the area.  It’s about 8 kid-sized stories tall and you could get lost in there.  Last time we were there, Casey did.  She stuck to the smaller areas and played with Brady most of the time.  They had some monkey bars that she could reach all by herself and she swung across them without any help for the first time.  She was very proud of that.  She couldn’t wait to get home and try it out on the monkey bars in the backyard.

For dinner we went out to my father in law’s country club with Pat’s parents and Matt, Kelly and Brady.  We had a great dinner.  The table was beside the door so we could let the kids go out and play on the patio when they got restless.  Which was every 5 minutes or so.  The chocolate milk that we ordered for Jack and Casey came in a huge glass with whipped cream on top and I think that may have fueled their inability to sit still.  Brady is 20 months old and I forgot how fast a 20 month old can be.  My chasing skills were a little out of practice.  One minute he’s running toward the street and the next he’s running towards a set of stairs.  

Sunday morning we got up very early so we could walk in the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Mother’s Day Walk in Philadelphia.  We were walking to support Pat’s Aunt Kathy and another family friend.  I can’t remember the last time I had to wake the kids up before 7…and this was way before 7.  We sweetened the deal with a train ride to the middle of Philly.  Jack claimed it was his very first train ride…very different from when he went on the subway last year.

All of the breast cancer survivors were standing on the top of the steps at the Art Museum and it was very impressive to see them all up there.  They descended the steps and met up with their families and then everyone set out on the walk.

We had a couple of umbrella strollers for the kids.  The one Jack chose to ride in was a good 15 years old and sometimes the wheels didn’t always roll the way they should have.  I have to say how impressed I was with my husband who pushed this stroller the whole time, while hunched over, and not once did he curse…or tell Jack to get out and walk.  I didn’t tell him but that show of patience felt like a really nice Mother’s Day gift for me.

It was amazing to see the huge crowd of people wearing pink to support finding a cure for breast cancer.  It was also a little overwhelming to see how many people were touched by it and it’s only one kind of cancer.  I’m very glad we were able to meet up with family and make it to the walk this year.

After the walk we took the train back and packed up our car.  Pat’s Aunt Kathy invited everyone back to her house after the walk and we spent a great afternoon in her backyard.  The kids played, we got to visit with everyone we probably won’t see for a couple years while we’re in Tennessee and there were tables and tables of delicious food.  It was a great get together.

Casey picked up on Pat and Matt calling Pop Pop “Bernie” as in Bernie from Weekend at Bernie’s and started telling everyone, “My Pop Pop is Bernie!”  She got a kick out of making everyone laugh.  Maybe you see the resemblance too…

Picture from last Easter.  In full disclosure, those are Jack’s sunglasses

After a stop at Ikea for a few pieces of furniture to take to the new house, a stop at the airport to drop Pat off, a drive through Widener University to find gas, 4 stops for the kids to use the bathroom, we finally arrived – exhausted – at our house.  At one point Jack fell asleep using a balloon for a pillow.  And they both fell asleep 10 minutes before we got home.  It was a great weekend and I’m so glad that we made the trip!



My Mom and I

“My Mom and I” is a book that Jack wrote at school for me.  He is also the illustrator.  I’ll put the parts that Jack added in quotations and a description of the picture in brackets.

My mother likes it when “I sleep with no light.”  [a picture of his bunk bed with him on the top]

My mom and I read “Tangled.” [a book with Rapunzel and her long hair on the cover]

My mother is good at “everything.”  [him with a circle around him]

My mother and I like to “go shopping.”  [Jack pushing a shopping cart with me behind him]

My mom and I go to “the bounce house.”  [Jack climbing up a tall slide]

My mother is great because “she gives me candy whenever I ask.”  [Jack holding his Easter basket]

It’s my favorite Mother’s Day gift so far!

But I have some comments/rebuttals to some things.

For a couple years, Jack has been sleeping with his lights on at night.  It really doesn’t bother me since it doesn’t seem to bother him but I am proud of him when he turns his lights off.

I think it’s funny that he chose Tangled as the book we read because I have been reading Star Wars books to him every day for months.  But I think the last time he was practicing his reading, we were using the Tangled book because it’s for beginning readers.

I didn’t know he likes to go shopping so much.  I guess the last few times he’s come along to the commissary, we’ve had a pretty good time.  It’s more of a novelty for him now that he doesn’t go every week.  And he gets a donut at the end.  That’s new since he started school.

The last statement probably surprised me the most because I spend so much time trying to come up with healthy, homemade food that he will eat.  But the statement is probably accurate lately because I do give him candy when he asks but that’s because we had to get rid of that basket of Easter candy somehow.  And he usually only asks when he knows I’ll let him, like after lunch or dinner.  And today I told him to just finish it!  The Easter candy is finally gone.

Mother’s Day Preview

I got a great preview of Mother’s Day today.  Pat has duty on Sunday and therefore will be at work all day so I asked Jack and Casey if they were going to make it special for me on Sunday.

Casey said that she is going to make me a big card.  She is also going to put my hair in ponytails for me and make pancakes.

Jack has quite a list and I think I shall be quite pampered.  He started off by saying that he is going to “do the sink” for me.  Then he’s going to do a lot of cleaning.  He’s also going to give me the most cards.  He will make dinner – he thought a salad would be nice and he would cut the tomatoes.  Then he is going to tuck me into bed and he’s not going to read me stories but he’s going to tell me stories.  If I get sick, Jack is going to get out his doctor’s kit and take care of me.  He will also give me lots of hugs and kisses all day long.

What more could I ask for?

Jack decided he would get a head start on the cleaning today.  He ran upstairs, I heard some banging around and down he came with the feather duster.  He went all around the downstairs remarking that, “We haven’t dusted in a while Mommy!”

He also got to work on his salad tonight.  I told him dinner was going to be whatever healthy snacks he wanted and he decided he would make a salad.  “What is that stuff you usually put in a salad Mommy?”  I told him it was lettuce, but it was up too high for him to reach in the fridge so he decided on a fruit salad instead.  He picked out all the fruit, I chopped it up and he put it in the bowl.  Then he talked for five minutes about how great his recipe was and wasn’t I glad that he had come up with it.  I didn’t realize how much fruit we had in the house until he started pulling things out of the crisper.  He topped it with some vanilla yogurt and that was dinner.

I’m really looking forward to what he comes up with on Sunday!

And here are some random dress up pictures from a few days ago…

 Butterfly with an eye patch in the middle of her forehead
That pink guitar is a gun in this situation.  I think that’s a storm trooper outfit.