Casey’s New Room

Last week I got to spend A LOT of quality time with Casey while Jack was at school.  Even though we went out to a store every day, we still spent a lot of time at home.  The Barbie/Princess family also had a very busy week.  They celebrated birthdays, went to the pool, went to the beach, went to the hairdresser, changed outfits a lot, and witnessed some amazing high diving by Cinderella.

In between Barbie adventures, I tried to do some little projects around the house that I thought Casey would be interested in.  If I wanted to sew, I sewed something for her.  One dress turned out to be a big failure and the other still needs just a little finishing.  I also decided it was time to get the big bare wall behind her bed decorated.

A few months ago I found a great idea on Pinterest to make silhouettes of the princesses and use them as art.  I thought this was a much more subtle princess decorating idea versus some big poster of the princesses.  Basically I didn’t want anything too cartoon-y.

I also have a Silhouette cutting machine that has been sitting idle for some time and now I have a big space near the computer for it.  After a little search online I found the Crafty Mama blog where she had already created templates to use with the Silhouette.

One quick trip to the scrapbook store, four dollars and a few hours later and I had princesses framed and ready to put on the wall.  (And somehow I walked out of that scrapbook store with only what I needed!)

On Friday, I put the frames on the wall and got ready to take some pictures.  I probably spent more time cleaning her room than hanging pictures.  Casey was too busy with her babies to help.

Casey managed to be in almost every picture.  She also wanted to take some pictures with my camera but they didn’t make the cut for this post.  I finally convinced her to go get her own camera.  Then she was even more in my way as she tried to get all her pictures.

She has Christmas lights wrapped around her bed and sleeps with them on every night.  After Christmas was over, she didn’t want to take them off.  We’re now on our third strand.  It makes for a nice little night light for her.

 Her bed still needs a new bedskirt.

This is Casey’s wall of butterflies and dragonflies.  We found some vinyl Star Wars stickers for Jack soon after we moved here and I guided Casey towards these butterflies.  It was one of the first things we put up in each of their rooms.

Here are the signs for Casey’s room.  It’s been used as a storefront lately, which was why I had to do a lot of cleaning.  Casey was selling lotions in there and then it turned into quite an operation one night as they were both making jewelry and selling it.  Casey made the small yellow sign which has her name on it.  Jack made the larger green and yellow signs.  The green one says “Beauty” and he made it fancy (like Grammie did when she was babysitting in April) and the yellow one says “On.”  Jack decided that he would rather have No and Yes signs instead of Open and Closed but then No turned into On.

This is the wall opposite the bed.  It’s not quite as neat…once again Casey was busy with her babies and the lotion store (which she has staged on her empty doll bunk beds).  And her top drawer is broken from the move or else I would fill it with all the junk beautiful hair bands/elastics/bows/etc. sitting on top of her dresser.

These are a lot of the things that I removed from her bedroom to take pictures.  You can see the cash register that was being used for the store, but I’m not sure where the horse and shield were fitting into the place.  I think that must have been from a cowboy playing day.  (In full disclosure, a lot of that stuff is still sitting in the hallway outside Casey’s room 5 days later.)

And so, Casey’s room is the first room I’ve gotten to in showing off our new house.  Casey and I have another long week together so maybe we can get to some more projects.  Pat asked me today when I was going to finish hanging pictures in the rest of the house.  Sometimes I just can’t decide what I’m going to do and I do nothing!  We’ll fix some of that next week.

Before & After

I have a few improvements to my kitchen that I would like to make…sometime in the near future. I’m thinking about a tile backsplash to add a little pop of color and maybe some paint. I’ve only been thinking about it for six months and I think I’ve figured out what I want to do. The hardest part has been choosing a color. I know that I want a glass subway tile…just want to get the color right.
Now I’m pretty sure about the color, but I haven’t made any more progress. Pat mentioned that I should get some material to cover a bench seat that we have in the breakfast nook. I thought that was about the last thing I was going to do in my kitchen…until we decided to have 35 people over and it looked like this…

First of all, I should mention that the bench was a great bargain at only $12 at a Christmas Tree Shop. It required a few holes redrilled to put it together and a lot of extra swearing on Pat’s part, but I know he was very proud of his bargain and his handiwork. It currently holds a bin of baseball hats, one bin for Casey’s shoes and coats and one for Jack’s.
Most of the grime and dirt is from Tugger. The bench is behind Casey’s chair at the table which is also where Tugger hangs out during meal times, waiting for Casey to drop her a few dinnertime treats. While Tugger is waiting for any stray food, she slobbers and as she circles around Casey’s chair she transfers the slobber to the bench.
The orange on the bench is a decorating touch from Casey and her use of an orange marker. We keep those up high now.
So, two days before the Hail & Farewell, I ran out to Hancock Fabrics and found some great fabric. I think it may have cost a few cents more than the actual bench. So now…I love the look of the bench and the whole corner and I even think I’ve figured out what color to do the tiles in…kind of an apple green. Don’t hold your breath for the pictures of that project though.
Anyway, here is the after.
And now I’ve written a whole post about a bench. And I could probably right more but I won’t bore you any more.

Children’s Rooms

This week, I’m posting pictures of Jack and Casey’s room for Show Us Where You Live Friday.  I’ve just found some really cute decorating blogs and now I feel like I should spruce up their rooms and be a little more decorative.  I especially felt like I needed to do more after I saw this room.     

Jack’s Room…
Jack has a little bit of a Cars theme going on…toddler bed, sheets, toy box, and mural, with a little baseball and Elmo thrown in.  (Elmo looks a little dazed today.)  The sticker just above his bed used to be on the headboard but one day when he didn’t want to nap, he decided the sticker needed to be moved.  Now he leaves it alone, but Casey likes to climb up there and try to peel it off.  He used to have another Cars poster but it kept blowing down every time the windows were open and I got tired of putting it back up.  His blanket was made by his great-mom-mom.  Now that he’s almost 3, I’m finally pulling out all the nice blankets people made for him when he was born.
This is the other side of the room.  Pretty simple.  I have no idea what to put on the wall or where to put it so it has just remained blank.  Someday, he’ll get a bigger bed (maybe bunk beds because I always wanted them when I was a kid) and we’ll have to move the bookshelf over here.  The chair is from Nags Head Hammock.  Casey has the rocker in her room and so we brought this one inside for his room.  We don’t sit much in it anymore though since we read stories on the floor.
Casey’s Room…
I have a dark pink, light green and light pink theme with some dark brown thrown in too.  I love her crib and the furniture that goes with it.  I have a vinyl flower application with her name that I’m going to put on the wall some day (between the windows) and I just found some really cute pictures that I want to buy, frame and put behind her dresser.  The rocker was one of the best purchases we made before Jack was born.  It was a great place to feed and read to both Jack and Casey.  I spent many hours holding both of them in it and willing them to go to sleep.  Now I can get Casey to sit in it for about 5 minutes while I read a book to her and that’s about it.  
Casey’s dresser and changing table.  The hutch has another shelf that I can put in after she’s out of diapers…which might be before Jack is at this rate.
And finally, my photographer’s helper…
Thanks for looking!

The Dining Room

This week – a tour of my dining room.  Yesterday, Kelly reminded everyone that today was dining room day and joked that it was time to clear out the dining room of everything that doesn’t really live there.  So, in full disclosure, I removed 4 pop-up tunnels, an easel, some paint and a stool before I took the pictures.  We rarely use the dining room so it’s a good place to stash a few of the larger toys.  I started keeping Jack’s easel in there because he likes to paint fairly often and I just move it quickly into the kitchen for easier clean up of paint that “might” get on the floor.
So here it is.  I didn’t realize it would be so hard to take pictures in here, but the flash kept reflecting off things unless I took the pictures at an angle.

I love my table and china cabinet.  The cabinet just happened to fit perfectly into that cutout in the wall when we moved here.  Some day I might be able to keep wine in the wine rack, like after the toddler years.  For now, it does a decent job of collecting dust.

There are 3 pictures of an apple tree on the left hand side of the table.  I took them a few years ago when I went home to Maine in the fall.  I lived my whole life in the same house until college and I don’t ever remember the apples being that red until the year I took these pictures.  I wish I’d had a better camera at the time, but the pictures are still some of my favorite in the house.  On the right hand side is our “Saratoga Springs” picture from when Pat and I lived there.  It’s a painting of Travers, the big horse race, and reminds us of a great summer spent there, despite shift work throughout the whole time.  
This is just a view of the other side of the room, to include the curtains.  They came with the house when we bought it, but they couldn’t have matched any better.  And I probably would never have gotten such nice ones.  

This is my holiday china…pretty simple – white with a couple of platinum bands around it.  It’s probably been used about 10 times.  For a long time it sat in the boxes because we didn’t have the china cabinet to put them in.  I’m glad I can at least display it now and some day we’ll use it a little more often.  

Thanks for touring my dining room!

Guest Room

Now that I’ve recovered my dog and double check the front door locks every night, let’s move on to something else…

Kelly at Kelly’s Korner started this a couple of weeks ago.  If you click on the house, it will take you to her site which will show you her guest room and have links to over a hundred other blogs who are posting their home “tours.”  She’s already done kitchens and living rooms and has moved on to guest rooms this week.  
I didn’t realize I had so much to say about my guest room until I started taking pictures.  For some reason, I feel like I need to justify everything in there and why it is where it is.
Our guest room is the FROG (finished room above the garage) and it is the guest room along with the playroom.  It is pretty neutral and doesn’t really have a theme.  There are some sports pictures on the walls that Pat really likes.  He really wanted them up somewhere in the house but he spends very little time in the room.  I’m wondering if I should just embrace that theme and do a little more with it, or try to add some more feminine touches.   
The dramatic entrance – 
These are the “back” stairs from the kitchen and they lead directly up to the guest room…all 19 steps.

This is the view from the hallway that also leads to the guest room.  Although it is not very decorated, I love the spaciousness of this room.  I like that the little couch and coffee table fit in there perfectly and that there is plenty of space around the bed.  Tugger usually sleeps in here after she gets kicked out of our bed.  She also likes it because she likes to look out the windows at everything going on in the street.  I would like to always have nice linens on the bed and pretty pillows, but they would just get covered in dog hair.  As it is, I try to put a cover over everything and she usually ends up pushing it off.  Apparently the micro-suede duvet cover is softer for her.  And at the head of the bed, you will also find the dog’s body pillow.  What can I say – she likes pillows and I don’t really care if she has that one.  At the foot of the bed is our old tv stand.  We moved it upstairs after Christmas for Jack’s train set.  Sometimes he uses it and sometimes the tracks are spread all over the floor.  

This is the opposite side of the room from the bed.  There is even room in the drawers for guests’ clothes.  The chest used to be in front of the bed until the trains arrived.  Tugger hangs out in the crate when we are out of the house.

Jack’s train piggy bank – the love seat – the pillows that are supposed to be on the bed  

These windows used to have Roman shades (like behind the love seat) but they were falling apart and didn’t look nice in the window anymore.  Pat bought these faux wood blinds and installed them.  He has a thing for wooden blinds.  I don’t really think men should care about any type of window decor.
There are closets on each side of the bed.  One has all my crafty stuff in it and the other has toys.  
And that concludes the tour of the guest room.  Somehow there was still way too much about the dog in it.