Halloween Pictures with Mommy

Preschool Halloween parties, pumpkin carving and a huge bag of candy equals a pretty successful Halloween.  Honestly, I can’t believe the amount of candy the kids collected.  Pat still thinks he’s the one trick or treating and I think he was looking for maximum candy acquisition.  Either that or he likes to think of this as a little protest against all the healthy food I try to make them eat or conversations about food in which I say, “Can you even pronounce all those ingredients?”  

I also wanted a nice picture with my Tinker Bell and Darth Vader.  These pictures are in chronological order.  As you can see, I had a little bit of a moment because Jack would not stop moving around and being silly.  I told him he was not going anywhere until he stood still for a picture.  Then I smiled again.

Candy Bargain

I suspect that after tomorrow night, I won’t hear a conversation like this.  I trust that Jack will have plenty of his own candy.

Casey had some candy that Jack wanted a couple days ago and I heard him say, “Casey…Did you know candy gives you sugar bugs?  All that candy is going to give you a lot of sugar bugs.  Sugar bugs make your teeth rot.  You don’t want your teeth to rot, do you?  Do you want to give that piece to me so you don’t get the sugar bugs?  Isn’t that a good idea?”

Someone has his dad’s persuasive side!