Golf Camp and Children’s Museum

It feels a little like winter here except we’re stuck inside because of the heat instead of the cold.  Jack had golf camp last week from Monday to Thursday and was outside for most of the time.  He was very glad that there was an unlimited supply of lemonade to cool him.  He was also very excited about the “twisters” that he got to eat for a snack.  I’m pretty sure those were Twizzlers.  He helped himself to five of them and was pretty pleased with himself.

On day 2 of golf camp, Jack got a blister but that didn’t stop him from hitting all his balls on the driving range.  He looked pretty pathetic dragging his golf clubs across the course by the end of camp, but we fixed him up with a bandaid and he was fine.

Overall I think he had a great time at camp.  They played a lot of fun games and hit a lot of balls.  He was the youngest boy there but he knew what he was doing and listened well to his instructors.  The golf pro at the course had seen him out there with Pat before and knew that he would be fine.

On Thursday when I went to pick him up, he was playing tag with some of the other boys…in the 100 degree heat!  I had planned to go to the pool in the afternoon but after the awards ceremony I knew that he was completely drained from the heat.  Too bad that doesn’t mean he’s too drained to fight with his sister.

To get out of the house on Friday we headed to the Portsmouth Children’s Museum.  It’s been closed for renovations for about two years and this was our first trip back since the grand re-opening.  The kids had a great time…trains, bubbles, arts & crafts, science, shopping market, fire trucks, a miniature house.  I don’t think they could ask for much more.  What’s even better is that I remembered by camera and managed to get some decent shots.

Using a rope to pull himself up