Child’s Apron – Birthday Gift

A few weeks ago, one of my daughter’s best friends turned 5.  The first time she came to our house to play with Casey I was eating a grapefruit and she said, “Giada likes grapefruit.”  After I processed that for a few seconds, I said, “Giada from the Food Network?”  It was indeed the same Giada.  This little girl loves the Food Network and loves to cook and pretend to cook.  For Christmas, her mom mostly got her fun cooking tools, utensils and gadgets.  As her birthday was coming up, I was keeping an eye out for fun kitchen things but I knew she already had quite a collection.  It finally dawned on me that I could make her an apron.

Child's Apron Front
Casey helped me pick out the fabric and I finally found a use for one of my favorite fabrics.  I picked it up at Hobby Lobby a couple of years ago when we were on a little Hurricane Vacation.  The kids and I left our home near Virginia Beach, Virginia and headed inland to Richmond during Hurricane Irene in 2011.  It ended up being pretty stormy in Richmond too but I managed to get a little shopping done before the winds picked up.  It was my first visit to Hobby Lobby and I couldn’t resist this fabric.  I currently live very close to a Hobby Lobby and I noticed that they are still selling it.

Child's Apron Back

For the backing I used a Timeless Treasures fabric by Monica Lee, We re Going Places – Dot.  The pink apron strings and pocket are Kona Cotton and I think it is Cotton Candy pink.

Child's Apron

I found this tutorial and followed it for the most part.  I think I adjusted my measurements a little bit.

Child's Apron Front Hanging

Child's Apron Back

About a week after the birthday girl received this, I got a picture from her mom of her wearing the apron.  She had been working hard (with her dad) to put together a nice dinner (by the fire and with candles!) for her mom and sister after they had been out all afternoon.