Aquarium Day

A couple weeks ago, we headed to the Aquarium for a school field trip.  It’s probably the last time we will get to the aquarium before we leave the area and the last field trip the kids will go on with their classes.

Sometimes when we go on field trips, Jack and Casey stay with me and it seems like we’re not even with a class.  This time turned out to the be the perfect balance of the kids enjoying their friends and me not feeling like I was being pulled in two different directions.  Casey wasn’t as interested in being with her classmates as much but she interacted with her teacher and with Jack’s friends very well.

Jack and his classmate were trying to keep up with the seals in this picture…

Casey was amazed by something but I can’t remember exactly what it was.  We arrived at the aquarium at a great time as there were swimmers in the water cleaning the coral (?) and they had just fed the animals.  The sting rays were enjoying a bunch of romaine as we walked by them.

I love the next set of pictures.  They had just gotten a snake out for the kids to touch.  At first you can see them looking impressed that the lady was holding a snake, then they look kind of disgusted/shocked that she is going to allow them to touch the snake and then they decide to touch it.

Casey was quite a willing model for a lot of pictures.  She hopped right on the dolphin and waited for me to take a picture.

Later, on the second pass by the dolphin she made Jack get on there so they could have a picture together.  You can tell who’s really into the photo shoot and who’s not.

Jack trying to touch a sting ray…

At the wetlands center, they had a real possum out for the kids to touch.  I won’t say that he was cute but he was definitely a cuddler.  I don’t think I’ll ever think of a possum the same after watching a video of Pat’s Uncle Paul as he tried to get a possum out of his garbage can last year.  If only he’d known how cuddly they could be 🙂  

We went through the main aquarium, then walked 3/4 of a mile to the wetlands portion of the aquarium and then back 3/4 of a mile to the car.  This certainly tired the kids out and then I dragged them to the Navy Exchange and Trader Joe’s since we were in the area.  We mainly went to the Exchange for lunch at Subway in the food court and to get dog food.  But no trip to a store these days is complete without browsing the toy aisles.  I managed to get out of there with no new toys, but when Jack spotted some Star Wars tooth brushes and asked for them, I had no problem saying yes.  I figure it’s a win-win situation – Jack is happy because he gets something new with Star Wars on it and I’m happy that his teeth will be brushed with the force.  (And yes, Casey’s teeth are speaking better Spanish thanks to her new Dora toothbrush.)

It was a great trip to the aquarium and I think Jack even learned some things on the way.  He was throwing some new facts out at me as we headed home.

2011 Pumpkin Patch Class Trip

Bright and early this morning, we headed to another farm for the school pumpkin patch field trip.  Casey started whimpering halfway there and told me that she didn’t feel good.  Eventually she asked for something for the yuckies to go in.  Luckily there was a nice little bucket she had gotten at McDonald’s this weekend and sure enough, she threw up into it two minutes before we reached the farm.  Thankfully, it all went into the bucket and didn’t make a mess.  And since she had no other illness symptoms, I decided that she got carsick from all the turns and stoplights I manuevered through while trying to avoid traffic and get there on time.  She was ready to go into the pumpkin patch as soon as we stopped.  Since she threw up all her breakfast, she was hungry all morning but other than that, you would never know she was sick.

We started out with a hayride to the field where the pumpkins were.  The kids got to pick a little pumpkin and play in the field.  They had a bouncy house, a haystack slide and a teepee out there.  The haystack slide was pretty neat and the kids spent most of their time on it.

Jack was a different person from last year to this year.  Last year he didn’t interact with any of his classmates and he clung to me.  I might as well have taken them there by myself for all it felt like a class trip.  This year, he found his friends and was pretty happy playing with them.  He certainly wasn’t concerned about where I was.

The hayride then brought us back to the main area.  There were all kinds of wooden structures for the kids to climb and play on and picnic tables galore for snacking.  We went into a goat pen and hung out with the goats for a bit too.  It was a great area for the kids and they had a great time.

Casey liked pointing out all her classmates to me and I finally have faces to go with the names that she recites every night during snuggle time.  Before everyone was about to go home, we did some class pictures.  Jack’s was fun with all the kids in a wooden train.  And Casey’s was hilarious.  There were at least two temper tantrums occurring and I’m pretty sure there isn’t a single picture of them all together, let alone looking at a camera.  I think all you could do was laugh, but then it wasn’t my child having a tantrum.  She was actually sitting with a couple of the other little girls and they acted liked they had no idea there was a tantrum happening right in front of them.  They were adorable.

Check your camera settings before taking what would have been a great picture!

Navy jets flying over the pumpkin patch…Jack loved it!

Kindergarten Class

Casey and the girls!

Casey and her teacher