Busy Weekend

Pat has been really busy with work and had to work on Saturday but I managed to keep us pretty busy.  We went to the Stockley Art Festival in Norfolk in the morning.  It was a nice time with the kids.  We wandered through the art displays.  I tried to stop at a couple and Jack said, “I hate going in these things.”  We had a little talk about using the word hate.  I think he was just trying it out but I did not appreciate it and I hope he doesn’t continue to use it.  We found a craft for the kids and that made Jack happy…until it was over and he immediately wanted to do another craft.  (When Jack hears “art and craft fair” I think he imagines table after table of fun craft projects.  Anyone know of a fair like this?)  

We wandered a little more and ended up at the face painting clown.  Jack wanted to be a lion and Casey wanted to be a cat and when the clown was done I thought they were the cutest things ever!

We also happened to come across Cinderella on our travels.  Jack was the first one to spot her and when I looked up and saw how amazed Casey was to see Cinderella, I teared up a little.  It was such a nice but unexpected surprise and I was so happy for Casey.  Although Casey was a bit shy; we said hello, got a card and continued walking.  Maybe the addition of whiskers made her braver.  After she transformed into a kitty cat, we walked by Cinderella again and Casey wanted a picture with her.  I love it!

When we got home, I grabbed the good camera (instead of my phone) and took some more pictures of my cats…

And that was just the first part of the day!  We went to the beach with some friends in the afternoon.  (Jack kept his mane all day, even at the beach!)  I took no pictures though.  The kids had a blast.  I forgot how much fun they can have in a little water and sand.  Nellie has a cute picture of Jack on her blog.  He decided he could make a snow angel in the sand…also known as a sand angel.  We finished our day with a burger and some fries from Five Guys and a really good shower to get rid of a little sand!  It’s feeling like summer around here.