Cinderella Dress

I made Casey this Cinderella dress back in September.  She wanted to be Cinderella for Halloween and we had a Disney trip planned in October during Fall Break so I guess I killed two birds with one dress.

Cinderella Dress

She once had a $20 Cinderella dress from Walmart but it had a short life.  The bottom of it quickly started unravelling.  I didn’t really want to spend much more than that for a new dress and I needed it to be much better quality.  I checked a Disney Store outlet and the dresses were still way more than I wanted to spend and probably not much nicer.  So, I made it instead.

Cinderella at the castle

I used a great tutorial from Make It and Love It.  This is by far the most complicated item I have ever sewn.  Thankfully I started early and the tutorial was very detailed and helpful.  After finally finding the light blue stretchy fabric at an online store, the hardest part was sewing the silver fabric onto the front of the bodice.  It was not the same material as in the tutorial and it seemed like I was just making holes in it even though I used a ball point needle.  Once I put the trim over the top, it covered up the awful looking stitches underneath.  Another hard thing for me is trying to figure out the waistline.  This is probably a little long in the torso on Casey but not too bad.  But, I was most excited when the little sleeves puffed out the way they were supposed to!  

Cinderella waits for the bus
Cinderella Dress - back
Waiting for the bus to the Magic Kingdom

Casey wore this to dinner with the princesses at Cinderella’s castle in Disney World.  It was really a magical evening.  Casey looked beautiful and it was very exciting to go into the castle.  While we were eating, the princesses each came to our table and Casey had her picture taken with them and got their autographs.  She had a pretty wonderful evening!

Cinderella with Cinderella
Cinderella & Cinderella