Early Christmas Wishes

Jack and Casey were just talking about some things they would like for Christmas, inspired by the show Max & Ruby.  Jack would like a remote controlled crane that is blue.  Casey would like a “dancing baby baby doll”.

Jack very confidently said, “Santa’s going to get that crane for me.”  Casey echoed Jack.

I decided it was time to remind them that Santa only brings things for good behavior.  I asked, “What do you have to do to get presents from Santa?”

Jack said, “Be good.”

Casey said, “Never mind.  I want to get my baby doll from Auntie.”

I’m still laughing!

I ran over to the computer to write that down and Jack came over to say, “If you see a remote controlled crane just get it for me because I want to get it sooner than Christmas.  Do you mind if you order it for me?”  He is getting a little too wise about internet shopping!

Casey and her Friends

Casey finally made it back to school yesterday.  Poor girl was sick on Friday and missed her second day of school.  With my free time yesterday, I made it to three grocery stores and got the groceries put away before I had to pick up the kids.  It’s amazing how fast I can scoot through the commissary when I’m not driving the big rig that Casey still calls the “car cart.”  I didn’t have to stop numerous times for someone to walk or to get back in the cart or to pick out fruit snacks or to look at all the random crap that only Jack can spy and ask for.

After the commissary I headed to the Natural Heritage Market.  I got a groupon for it back in June and was just waiting for school to start so I could look at things at my leisure.  I’m pretty sure it was the greenest, crunchiest, granola-iest store I’ve ever shopped.  Any item I’ve ever come across in a recipe and could never find at any other grocery store is there.  I’ve been looking for months for unsweetened coconut and no other store has it but I finally found it.  There is a great collection of bulk items and it’s worth shopping for them, but everything else was highly overpriced.

I wasn’t really intending to write about grocery stores, but it’s already done 🙂  Back to Casey.  Unlike Jack, she is more than willing to share with me what she does at school.  Unfortunately, I’m trying to figure out how many grains of salt I need with her stories.  This summer, she began telling me really nice stories about her “friends.”  Her friends are named Neela, Keela, Darma, Karma, Katie, and Caroline or maybe its the group with Nasa, Lacey, Meena and Kumba.  She starts talking about these girls and the random names just roll off her tongue.  If we’re driving somewhere, she’ll tell me that a friend lives in a house we just passed or down a certain road.  She also has a special friend who lives in a house near the beach we visited in Maine.  She talks about her a lot.  It was too rainy for her friend to come out and say hi while we were there though.  Needless to say, all these stories are made up but if you didn’t know her and you didn’t notice the suspicious names, you might actually believe her.

Now that she’s in school and I’m not with her to know exactly what happened, I’ll have to decide whether it’s a true story or not.  Luckily I know the names of a lot of the kids in her class.  Hopefully she’ll tell me some real stories about them!  I’m already trying to figure out if someone gave her a piece of cheese on her first day or she just made that up.

Round Two of Circle Conversations

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Jack was driving me nuts by asking me “Why?” over and over again.  Actually, it wasn’t.  And he still asks it a lot, but he’s getting old enough to understand my answers better and he stops asking why at an appropriate time.  At one point, he would just say “Why?” as an automatic response to anything that was said to him.

Now, it’s Casey turn to join in the fun.  She seems to be talking all day now and asking questions.  And I don’t mind the questions.  It’s the fact that she repeats them over and over.

Every single day when we drive by our friends’ house I hear, “Where’s Warner?  Where’s Wes?  Where’s their Mommy?  Where’s their Daddy?”  I answer her and usually she asks the same question again.  Maybe she thinks I’ll have a better answer the second time.

Other times she asks about our names.  The list of questions goes something like this:
Are you Tweesa, Mommy?
Is Daddy Tweesa?
Is Daddy Pat?
Is Daddy Pat?
Are you Tweesa?
What’s Jack’s name?
What’s Daddy’s name?
Is Daddy Pat?
Are you Tweesa?
Is I Tweesa?

It can be a really long conversation with only a few questions and only a few answers.  She just likes to hear herself talk I think.

And, just as Jack did, she is now asking me questions about cars on the road.  “Where is that car going Mommy?”  And she asks it a couple times.  I try to think of different ways to say the car is going a different way, to a different place, etc.  She still asks again.

By dinner time today, I was really tired of talking.  I’m enjoying the peace and quiet of bedtime and maybe tomorrow I’ll have some more satisfying answers!