Casey’s Official Big Girl Moment

She’s three years old and can ride her bike without training wheels.  She’s potty trained.  She’s going to school.  I think those all pretty much qualify her as a big girl.  But whenever anyone looks at her and says, “You’re getting so big Casey!” she tells them, “I got a new carseat!”  Besides a few pairs of her shoes, I don’t think she’s ever been as enthusiastic about something.

It’s a booster seat with a high back (that can be removed some day) and you could say it’s Casey’s prized possession.  A couple weeks ago when Pat put her in the car seat he deemed her too big for it and said she needed a new one.  Casey didn’t need any convincing so we headed out to the store to get one.

She’s very happy to have a little more freedom of movement with the shoulder belt instead of the five point harness.  She was unbuckling the top of the old one anyway.  She’s also happy with the cupholders on both sides which recede into the base if she’s not using them.  And the best part is that she can unbuckle herself when it’s time to get out although we’ve had a few discussions about her not pushing the eject button too early.  

I think Casey has mentioned it to at least 15 people that she got a new carseat…family friends, neighbors, teachers at school.  The old carseats have been relegated to the attic for now although they’ll eventually be purged before we move again.  It’s a big change from the first three months of her life when it was more likely than not that she was going to cry for the duration of the carride!