Belle Dress

Before I made the Cinderella dress for Casey, I made this Belle dress.  This was supposed to be the backup in case the Cinderella dress didn’t work out.  I decided to make it first because I thought it was a little less daunting than Cinderella and I could easily find the yellow knit fabric.

To make this, I used a combination of two tutorials.  At Crafterhours, I found this tutorial and got the idea to use the knit fabric for comfort, the peasant top and to give the dress its ruffles on the bottom with elastic.  I also found this tutorial at tidbits for a Belle dress and made the skirt part of the dress that way, using a front and back piece instead of several panels.

Belle Dress

I had to remake the top once because I was also trying to use a couple different peasant top tutorials and the first one was a little too small.  I liked the way the elastic made my skirt look all ruffly but I don’t think I was consistent enough in how much I stretched the elastic at different points.

Belle Dress

I bought the chiffon to add to the top and bottom of the dress but only ended up adding it to the top.  I tried adding it to the bottom but my piece wasn’t long enough to begin with and it really needed to wrap all the way around.  I always meant to add it on later, but I had to move on to making a Cinderella dress!

The torso is definitely a little long in this dress and overall the dress was a little long (but Casey’s constantly growing).  Casey wore this out on our first night at Disney World.  We went to Downtown Disney, had dinner and walked around.    Even though the knit is comfy, it would have been way too warm to wear for a full day at Disney.  Also, since it was a little long, we were trying to keep it pulled up with a sweater at one point so she wouldn’t trip over it.

Belle Dress with Accessories

Despite its problems, it’s just a play dress, it’s comfy, I learned a lot while making it and best of all, Casey loved it.  That’s all that matters!