Jack’s New Talent

Even though we spent the Memorial Day weekend at the beach, it was too nice out on Tuesday not to head to the beach again.  Jack didn’t want to go and claimed that he was just going to sit in his chair and watch.  He didn’t even want to put his bathing suit on.

But, mean Mommy made him put his suit on and as soon as we were at the beach, he was in the water.  Didn’t even unfold his chair.

We were having such a great time at the beach that we didn’t want to leave.  However there were some nasty looking rainclouds as far as we could see and it started spitting a little bit of rain.  We packed up our stuff and ran to the car through the rain.

On the way home, Jack said, “Why do we have to go to the beach so much now?”

I told him because the weather was hot and sunny and it feels good to be at the beach, playing in the water and with our friends.

He then said, “I guess that’s my new talent.”

I asked (while smiling), “Going to the beach is your new talent?”

And he said, “Yeah, it must be because we do it so much.”

Maine: Mornings on the Beach

I think we’re back to normal around here since returning home from our trek to Maine.  Everything is unpacked and mostly put away.  I’ve put our pictures on Facebook and Shutterfly.  Now I should write a little bit about it.

The kids had a great time on the beach in front of the cottage this year.  Another year older means they can climb on the rocks better and explore more and find more treasures.  Casey did really well climbing around on the rocks although it’s better to not watch her.  If you watch her, it looks like she is going to fall at any given point.  She doesn’t seem to have any intuition that would guide her toward the flatter rocks or a simpler path.  And she wasn’t interested in me trying to explain that it would be easier if she went for the flatter rocks.  She’s a girl that’s going to blaze her own path.  Luckily her path didn’t inflict any serious boo-boos this year.

Both Jack and Casey were fascinated by every item that wasn’t a rock and some items that were rocks.  They collected and collected and collected.  No one ever returned from a trip to the beach empty-handed.  To me, the best treasure is the sea glass…the sea glass that has been rubbed smooth by the tide and rocks and sand over many years.  Jack and Casey collected every bit of glass they found and were working on being able to tell the difference between the sharp (not ready) glass and the smooth glass.  They found mussel and clam shells, broken pottery, periwinkles, scallops, urchins and crab shells.

One day when the tide was low, there was a little crab hanging out on the beach.  Casey likes her crabs to be already dead so she screamed and panicked about the little guy who was at least 10 feet away from her even as she was backing away.  I decided that taking her out in the lobster boat wasn’t going to work this year.  I thought she might end up swimming trying to get away from the crabs and lobsters in the boat.

The night before we left for Maine, I spread out all the treasures in a couple of boxes and told them to choose their favorites for their summer collection.  They each had a bowl and filled them up with various things that I haven’t even looked over yet.  The rest went back to the beach, probably to be collected again next year!      

Jack is 5!

It’s been a whirlwind of 5 days since Jack turned 5!  (And a little bit of a whirlwind before that too.)  When Jack woke up this morning, he said pretty emphatically, “Mommy, I’m 5 now!”  The parties are over and the presents are all unwrapped and I think he finally realizes that he is 5.  Or “a whole hand” as he told his Nana.

We celebrated his actual birthday in Ocean City with his Nana and Pop Pop.  He had some very specific requests for his big day.  He wanted us to get up before him and be in the living room ready to surprise him.  Since he’s been getting up at 6am lately, it was a pretty early morning, but we were happy to oblige the birthday boy.  I guess it was a lot like Christmas because we woke up early, opened presents and spent the rest of the morning putting Legos together.

Lightsaber pen

More pieces for his nano/hex bug toy.  Casey got her own bug too.

Darth Jack

 Jack didn’t want to leave the house much because he had new toys but he also requested mini golf so we headed to the one he had picked out.  It was the prettiest mini golf course I’ve seen.  The hibiscus were gorgeous.  Jack and Casey played 18 and then we had some ice cream and listened to some stories about miraculous frog rescues from the course caretaker.  (Some got stuck in the pipes and they survived.)

Jack dined surrounded by his new Legos at lunchtime.

Nana made Jack a very special Star Wars cake with Darth Vader and Luke figures with lightsabers.  He also had his dinner of choice – pasta with pesto.  Because every really picky 5 year old loves pesto.

The cake was delicious, then we spent a little bit of time at the beach and then Jack fell asleep with his new Legos in hand.

Busy Weekend

Pat has been really busy with work and had to work on Saturday but I managed to keep us pretty busy.  We went to the Stockley Art Festival in Norfolk in the morning.  It was a nice time with the kids.  We wandered through the art displays.  I tried to stop at a couple and Jack said, “I hate going in these things.”  We had a little talk about using the word hate.  I think he was just trying it out but I did not appreciate it and I hope he doesn’t continue to use it.  We found a craft for the kids and that made Jack happy…until it was over and he immediately wanted to do another craft.  (When Jack hears “art and craft fair” I think he imagines table after table of fun craft projects.  Anyone know of a fair like this?)  

We wandered a little more and ended up at the face painting clown.  Jack wanted to be a lion and Casey wanted to be a cat and when the clown was done I thought they were the cutest things ever!

We also happened to come across Cinderella on our travels.  Jack was the first one to spot her and when I looked up and saw how amazed Casey was to see Cinderella, I teared up a little.  It was such a nice but unexpected surprise and I was so happy for Casey.  Although Casey was a bit shy; we said hello, got a card and continued walking.  Maybe the addition of whiskers made her braver.  After she transformed into a kitty cat, we walked by Cinderella again and Casey wanted a picture with her.  I love it!

When we got home, I grabbed the good camera (instead of my phone) and took some more pictures of my cats…

And that was just the first part of the day!  We went to the beach with some friends in the afternoon.  (Jack kept his mane all day, even at the beach!)  I took no pictures though.  The kids had a blast.  I forgot how much fun they can have in a little water and sand.  Nellie has a cute picture of Jack on her blog.  He decided he could make a snow angel in the sand…also known as a sand angel.  We finished our day with a burger and some fries from Five Guys and a really good shower to get rid of a little sand!  It’s feeling like summer around here.