Capturing the Chaos – Organizing & Decorating

We are currently living in our 6th house since getting married.  Some we have owned, some we have rented, one was base housing.  In each house I find things that I love and things that I don’t love. I don’t know when I’ll ever get to build or buy my dream house, but having “tried out” all these houses has been a great way to narrow down the options!

While it is a big undertaking to move every couple years, I get excited for every new house – I enjoy figuring out where things belong and organizing and re-organizing to make our systems work.  I enjoy having everything in its place but sometimes the hardest part is finding the place!  I’m often making adjustments to our systems right up until it’s time to move again.  And getting ready to move again is another whole system of organization and de-cluttering.

Our current house is a rental.  It’s all been painted a neutral shade and we will not be doing any of our own painting.  We are working mostly with furniture items that we already have, but I have access to Ikea and a few items have snuck into our house.  My biggest challenge in this house are the closets.  They are big and plentiful but are full of long, metal and sometimes dysfunctional shelving.  It drives me crazy to have the space and not be able to figure out a neat and organized storage solution.  Since we move so often, I want to incorporate storage systems that can move with us and fit into new and different closets (or rooms) in the future.  And I also don’t want them to cost a lot 🙂

This page will be the gathering place for my home tour and organizing adventures.  I love reading organizing blogs and I gather so much inspiration from others.  I hope something you see here will inspire or be the launching point for your own organizing and decorating!

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