Craft Room, Part 1

We have a great office space at the front of our house that has become the craft room.  It is a big open space with so much potential for use.  We have all our craft supplies, office supplies, sewing supplies and school supplies in here and it also acts as a kind of mud room for the kids’ shoes, jackets and backpacks.  That is a lot to ask of a room but I think she can handle it.  I have been slowly working on getting it in line with my vision, which I seem to tweak quite a bit as I work and live in the room longer.

One of the first and simplest things I have done in the room is to hang some of my favorite prints and to update the fabric on a bench seat.

This bench has been around for a while and the best part is that it only cost us $12 when we bought it 7 years ago.  A few screws didn’t quite line up so it had been returned…nothing a few new pilot holes couldn’t help.  (And a few curse words from my husband as he fixed that.)

IMG_3634 IMG_5558I put this green/brown/aqua fabric on in Virginia and it was a much needed improvement over the dirty and orange marker stained original.  But it had received several years of dog slobber and kid slobber since then and it was time for something new.

IMG_1989 IMG_1993

The general theme of the craft room (and actually most rooms in my house right now) is nautical.  I spent hours searching through the home decor fabric at trying to choose fabric for this room and for some living room window treatments (post to come).  I ultimately went with this navy and white chevron fabric from Premier Prints called Diva Chevron Slub Premier Navy.  I love how it looks and the color kind of pops against the dark wood and white curtains in here.


I picked up the prints from a Zulily sale last year.  I loved the crab print and that is what I ordered.  But, lucky for me, there was a shipping mistake and they sent me the ship blueprint first, realized their mistake and told me to keep it, then sent me the one I ordered.  I found the gray frames at Michael’s.

And that is the first peek of the craft room.

Red Sox Quilt

I made this quilt for one of my best friends from high school for her third baby…her first boy!  My inspiration was from a Red Sox quilt made by Tracey at traceyjay quilts.

IMG_1671When I saw Tracey’s quilt, I knew I wanted to make one for baby Paul.  I grew up in Maine, listening to the Red Sox on the radio on summer nights. And my friend’s husband is from Boston, so they are both Red Sox fans.  For their little boy, I knew I had to figure how to make this quilt.

IMG_1659I ordered a bunch of red and blue polka dot fabrics, figured out how to cut triangles and got to work.  The cutting of the triangles was not so tough…it was getting them lined up correctly.  This is also the first quilt that I have done appliqué.  It was kind of fun once I figured it out!

IMG_1664 IMG_1667

For the backing fabric, I searched a local discount store (Mardens) back home in Maine for something with red and found this big polka dot print.  I was excited to add something to the quilt that I found in our hometown.


I made this quilt when I was living outside of Memphis, Tennessee and this is one of my favorite photo shoots.  I went to a nature trail near a golf course and took these shots on a wooden bench and on a strange fishing platform made of green mesh-like metal.  IMG_1672I think baby Paul was few months old by the time I got this to him but I doubt that he noticed how late it was 🙂