Jack’s New Talent

Even though we spent the Memorial Day weekend at the beach, it was too nice out on Tuesday not to head to the beach again.  Jack didn’t want to go and claimed that he was just going to sit in his chair and watch.  He didn’t even want to put his bathing suit on.

But, mean Mommy made him put his suit on and as soon as we were at the beach, he was in the water.  Didn’t even unfold his chair.

We were having such a great time at the beach that we didn’t want to leave.  However there were some nasty looking rainclouds as far as we could see and it started spitting a little bit of rain.  We packed up our stuff and ran to the car through the rain.

On the way home, Jack said, “Why do we have to go to the beach so much now?”

I told him because the weather was hot and sunny and it feels good to be at the beach, playing in the water and with our friends.

He then said, “I guess that’s my new talent.”

I asked (while smiling), “Going to the beach is your new talent?”

And he said, “Yeah, it must be because we do it so much.”

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