New Game in Town

Jenny (my sister-in-law) had Jack’s birthday present already wrapped up to give him this weekend.  She thought if he got bored we could open it a little early.  But, even though some of Chase and Charlotte’s toys might have been a little young for him, he still found them all fascinating.  They were all new to him so he took it upon himself to check out each and every toy and figure out how it worked.  There was no chance of getting bored, so we just brought the gift home with us.

While we were unpacking the car, Jack spotted the present and immediately wanted to open it.  It was already past his bedtime but we had been in the car for 3 hours and he had taken a nap and I didn’t feel like telling him he had to wait.  He opened the present and was immediately smitten.

It’s called Hockey Guys and it’s a portable hockey rink with all the “hockey guys” and Jack has been playing with it nonstop in his waking hours.  He’s created rules for the guys, sent them to the penalty box, cleared the ice for the zamboni, created benches for the extra players and really used his imagination.  At one point, he created a big archway for the players to come through as they were announced.  He also got upset when I called him to dinner because he was just about to play the “America song.”  At first, he even included Casey in his games.  Now she just likes to come in and knock as many players down in one swipe as she can.  

He also takes a few guys to bed with him.  Tonight, he called me back up to his room because he took the puck to bed with him and he had lost it.  He kept telling me he heard a clinking noise, so it must have fallen against the wall.  He thought it was somewhere at the foot of the bed and I kept asking him where exactly it was in his bed the last time he saw it.  I looked through sheets, blankets, Elmo, and a stuffed dog named Sid.  I looked for this puck for 5 minutes.  Then he said, “Oh, I think I left it in your room when I was reading stories with Daddy.”  When we found it in my room, he said, “Now we just need to figure out what made that clinking noise because I was sure it was my puck.”

What a great gift this has been and a breath of fresh air after the non-stop of Star Wars and Star Wars Legos in the last several months.  It is fun watching his imagination take off in different ways.  

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