My Mom and I

“My Mom and I” is a book that Jack wrote at school for me.  He is also the illustrator.  I’ll put the parts that Jack added in quotations and a description of the picture in brackets.

My mother likes it when “I sleep with no light.”  [a picture of his bunk bed with him on the top]

My mom and I read “Tangled.” [a book with Rapunzel and her long hair on the cover]

My mother is good at “everything.”  [him with a circle around him]

My mother and I like to “go shopping.”  [Jack pushing a shopping cart with me behind him]

My mom and I go to “the bounce house.”  [Jack climbing up a tall slide]

My mother is great because “she gives me candy whenever I ask.”  [Jack holding his Easter basket]

It’s my favorite Mother’s Day gift so far!

But I have some comments/rebuttals to some things.

For a couple years, Jack has been sleeping with his lights on at night.  It really doesn’t bother me since it doesn’t seem to bother him but I am proud of him when he turns his lights off.

I think it’s funny that he chose Tangled as the book we read because I have been reading Star Wars books to him every day for months.  But I think the last time he was practicing his reading, we were using the Tangled book because it’s for beginning readers.

I didn’t know he likes to go shopping so much.  I guess the last few times he’s come along to the commissary, we’ve had a pretty good time.  It’s more of a novelty for him now that he doesn’t go every week.  And he gets a donut at the end.  That’s new since he started school.

The last statement probably surprised me the most because I spend so much time trying to come up with healthy, homemade food that he will eat.  But the statement is probably accurate lately because I do give him candy when he asks but that’s because we had to get rid of that basket of Easter candy somehow.  And he usually only asks when he knows I’ll let him, like after lunch or dinner.  And today I told him to just finish it!  The Easter candy is finally gone.

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