Mother’s Day Preview

I got a great preview of Mother’s Day today.  Pat has duty on Sunday and therefore will be at work all day so I asked Jack and Casey if they were going to make it special for me on Sunday.

Casey said that she is going to make me a big card.  She is also going to put my hair in ponytails for me and make pancakes.

Jack has quite a list and I think I shall be quite pampered.  He started off by saying that he is going to “do the sink” for me.  Then he’s going to do a lot of cleaning.  He’s also going to give me the most cards.  He will make dinner – he thought a salad would be nice and he would cut the tomatoes.  Then he is going to tuck me into bed and he’s not going to read me stories but he’s going to tell me stories.  If I get sick, Jack is going to get out his doctor’s kit and take care of me.  He will also give me lots of hugs and kisses all day long.

What more could I ask for?

Jack decided he would get a head start on the cleaning today.  He ran upstairs, I heard some banging around and down he came with the feather duster.  He went all around the downstairs remarking that, “We haven’t dusted in a while Mommy!”

He also got to work on his salad tonight.  I told him dinner was going to be whatever healthy snacks he wanted and he decided he would make a salad.  “What is that stuff you usually put in a salad Mommy?”  I told him it was lettuce, but it was up too high for him to reach in the fridge so he decided on a fruit salad instead.  He picked out all the fruit, I chopped it up and he put it in the bowl.  Then he talked for five minutes about how great his recipe was and wasn’t I glad that he had come up with it.  I didn’t realize how much fruit we had in the house until he started pulling things out of the crisper.  He topped it with some vanilla yogurt and that was dinner.

I’m really looking forward to what he comes up with on Sunday!

And here are some random dress up pictures from a few days ago…

 Butterfly with an eye patch in the middle of her forehead
That pink guitar is a gun in this situation.  I think that’s a storm trooper outfit.

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