The Star Wars Obsession Continues

A couple of weeks ago I found a book at the library called  Lego Star Wars: The Visual Dictionary.  It has pictures of every Star Wars Lego set made in the last 10 years.  When we first got it from the library it was in really good shape, almost new.  Since then, Jack has thumbed through it so many times that it now looks a little “aged.”  I decided he needed his own copy of the book and when a friend told me they had it at TJ Maxx, I stopped by and picked it up for him.

The book I bought came with a special mini-figure of “Celebration Luke.”  As soon as he saw the mini-figure, he went crazy.  “Mommy!  Mommy!  It’s Luke!  It’s Celebration Luke!  I didn’t have that one Mommy!  This one came with Celebration Luke!  Now I don’t have to use the other one that isn’t really Luke!”  I pretended I didn’t know that the book came with Luke and it was a surprise to me and he just kept talking about Celebration Luke.  I’m not sure he got that excited on Christmas morning.  Pat and I were talking last night about how Jack makes you want to buy him things because he is so excited about them and he loves playing with them.  And yet, we don’t really need to buy him any of them because he has turned all the other Legos in his collection into intricately built spaceships and is constantly working on a new space creation.  He even created his own R2-D2.  

Every night we read little tidbits from each page of his book about the different sets or the different mini-figures.  The facts and information he has picked up from this book and other Star Wars books we have gotten at the library are incredible.  Last week when my parents were in town, I heard him explaining something to Grampie about Star Wars and it was verbatim out of a book we had read.  In fact, I’m not sure Jack has talked about anything besides Star Wars in the last few weeks.

But we can’t leave Casey out of this obsession either.  She’s not quite living in a Star Wars world like Jack, but she’s absorbing a lot of it too.  She started out with a pretty good impersonation of Chewy and now she sings the Darth Vader theme song right along with Jack.  They were watching Empire Strikes Back in the car a few days ago and she said, “Mommy – Leia loves Han Solo.  But Han Solo is getting frozen now so Leia loves Luke.”  At which point I made sure she knew Luke and Leia were brother and sister.  The cutest thing about Casey though, is listening to her say everyone’s name.  I love it when she says Padme Amidala.  We got a new book at the library today that has a group picture of everyone standing together.  Casey can tell you everyone in that picture and it’s so cute that I had to get a video of it:


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