Casey’s 3rd Birthday Party

Yesterday was Casey’s birthday party.  We held it at a place called the Bounce House, which is exactly what it sounds like.  The kids run around and bounce on all the big inflatable objects and get all worn out.  Then they get very hungry, eat lots of chips and wait patiently for the pizza to arrive.  Then they eat pizza and go bounce some more.  Then they eat cake and bounce a little more.  By the end of the two hours, hopefully they are exhausted and ready for bed!
I struggled with this party a little bit.  Pat would have been happy if we’d just ordered pizza and bought a cake.  I wanted it a little more personal and homemade.  It was also a princess party, but there’s not much princess-y when you’re at a bounce house and 2/3 of the guests are boys.  I wasn’t sure what to get/make for party favors that was somewhat gender neutral.  So a lot of things ended up being a little more last minute that I would have liked because I simply couldn’t make a decision, couldn’t find the right balance between getting junky favors and not spending way too much time making something. 
Somehow I stumbled onto making homemade marshmallows.  I almost didn’t make them because everything else I made on Saturday (day before the party) didn’t turn out right.  I was surprised when the marshmallows turned out to be the easiest thing I made.  And they were so cute.  I cut heart shaped out of them and put them in little bags.  
Leftover marshmallows after I cut out the hearts

Cute little marshmallows

These are the marshmallows all bagged up along with a chocolate covered pretzel.  Jack and Casey helped make the pretzels and had a great time.  They weren’t quite as polished as I might have liked, but I’m guessing they still tasted good with the 3 to 5 year old crowd.  Then I added some Play-Do and stickers and put them all in a party favor cup.  A cup because that’s what I had and I wasn’t making another trip to a store.

Pat took Casey to get a princess dress for her party.  She was so excited to put it on and put a pretty headband in her hair.  She wanted to wear the princess heels but she had to suffice with just bringing them in the car.  And that’s Jack, who doesn’t like you to take a picture of him unless he thinks he being deliberately excluded.  Then he jumps right in.

And here is the princess cake.  I was terrified to decorate this lady, but I thought she turned out pretty well for my first foray into princess cake decorating.  And it turned out to be easier than I thought.  As long as you remember to put the decorating tip into the bottom of the piping bag before you put all the icing in there, it’s not too bad.  Once I started making all those pretty little flower bits, it was kind of fun. Casey was completely confused as to how the doll got clothes and how I made her dress.

Of all the guests at the party, Casey probably spent the least amount of time bouncing.  She just wanted to hang out in the party room and look at all the pretty plates and decorations.  I guess she was just being a princess.  I even brought pants because I wasn’t sure she would want to bounce around in her dress but  she preferred to stay in character.

There was some intense air hockey.  Jack loves this game.

Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you, Happy birthday dear Casey, Happy birthday to you!

I had a great time at the party, and Casey did too.  It was great to see all our friends and all their children having a fun time.

When we got home,  Casey opened her presents and she is one lucky princess who now owns every princess accessory she could want or hope for.

One thought on “Casey’s 3rd Birthday Party

  1. the boys scarfed the goods on the way home! t asked “why are these soft things so good?” i told him they were home made marshmallows and he told me to get the “arrest-a-pee” ….kids…
    mine had a blast and casey was too cute! what a hostess!!!


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