Finally…Baby Gets a Quilt

My son, Jack, is a funny little boy.  Just before Christmas, while I was in the middle of furiously trying to finish up some of the quilts that I gifted, Jack was adamant that his baby needed a quilt.  He was very persuasive…Casey’s babies had blankets and his baby didn’t have one.  I had just seen a tutorial on how to turn a pillowcase into a blanket for a doll on MADE and thought it was a cute idea if I were ever in need of making a quick baby blanket.  It turns out that I was in need.
After Christmas, when Casey’s babies got whole bedding sets (and bunk beds), the pressure was on even more.  I told him I would look for a pillowcase that we could turn into a blanket for his baby.  After a couple of trips into thrift stores in the last month, I couldn’t find any that were suitable for Jack or his baby.  But today, I went to the local quilt shop for their fat quarter sale and they had some Cars fabric.  As soon as I saw it, I knew it was just right for Jack’s baby’s quilt – the right size, the right print and the right price.  For the back, I found a piece of red fabric with street signs.  
As soon as Jack saw the fabric after school, he was begging me to make the quilt.  30 minutes after Casey went down for her nap, baby had a quilt and Jack was a happy little boy.  I sewed the fat quarters right sides together on three sides, turned it right side out, slipped a piece of batting inside and top-stitched around the top.  I was thinking about doing my first free motion quilting on it, but Jack needed a little more instant gratification.  Some night while he’s asleep, I might try that.   
While I was making it, Jack helped with the pins and also told me his thoughts on blankets – “The hole blankets [crocheted] are the hardest to make because when you’re tying it around, it’s hard to make the holes with the wool.  And the bumpy ones are hard to make too because it’s hard to make the bumps.”  For clarification, his bumpy blankets are just thermal receiving blankets. 
After he got baby’s quilt, he ran upstairs to get his quilt and actually asked me to take a picture of them together under their quilts.  He keeps saying it’s a very special day for him.  So here they are…nice and cozy.

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