Show Week for Casey

It’s Show Week at the Little Gym.  Today was the last week of the semester and friends and family were invited to come watch the kids play.  For me, it meant that I brought my camera and took lots of pictures of Casey while she was playing and showing off today.

All summer long, Casey said, “I’m going to Little Gym after summer!”  She was so excited about starting class and being a Super Beast.  Since she started her class I hear, “Is it Little Gym day?” almost every day.  Every class is exciting for her and she has so much fun.  It is a parent/child class and it’s been fun for me to go in and share this with her every week.  Plus, I have all the Little Gym songs memorized which is great, especially when they get stuck in your head on other days of the week.  Some days I’ve just “got those veggie blues”.

Next week we start a new semester and Casey is going to be a Jazzy Bug and learn some dancing along with the gymnastics.  And she’s going all by herself.  I get to sit out in the lobby and watch.

This is how excited she was to run around the big red mat.

This is actually four different jumps…and each time I caught her at a different point.  She was happy to keep jumping for me as I tried to catch her mid-air.

Time for a little break.

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