Facebook Status Updates

Pat had duty today.  And even though I usually talk to him at the end of duty days, my thoughts end up as facebook status entries in my head instead of things I tell my husband at the end of the day.  Mostly they don’t ever become status updates for a variety of reasons – I’m not near my phone or computer, I don’t think anyone would really care about it or it’s not really that interesting or it would have been too wordy to explain it all.  But I figured today if I put them all into a blog post, it would be little snippets of my day.  So here’s what I might have posted:

8:50am – Why does it seem like everyone is late for dropping their kids off at school and early for picking them up?  I’d rather be the opposite and get a few extra minutes.  (Although I’m usually early for both.)

10am – Casey saw a man in the commissary who looked just like Santa – he had a red jacket and red hat on with a long white beard.  When he talked to her, her mouth just dropped open in shock.  It was the best reaction.  She didn’t know Santa has a military ID.

10:30am – Quadruple whammy at the grocery store – diapers, wipes, toilet paper, and paper towels!

12:15pm – Jack said that he played knights and princesses at school today.  Then he said, “Casey you’re always a princess!”  And she said, “Uh huh.  Yes I am.”

1:30pm – I’m making homemade bread.

2pm – Jack can sometimes be way too crafty for me, as in wants to make elaborate crafts way too often.  I just gave him an egg carton and he has been cutting, taping, looking for cardboard and other crafty things while talking to himself me for half an hour trying to make a cow.  He thought the egg carton looked like it would work well for a cow’s udder.

2:30pm – Holy Chatterbox!  Jack won’t stop talking.  I’ve had to put Ruby and Max on to get a break.

3pm – Casey’s not into napping today.  Time for some Dora now.

4pm – Might as well make some gingerbread men as requested by Jack.  I warned him that they have to go in the fridge before they become “men” so hopefully there are no meltdowns.

4:45pm – Started picking up all of the random construction paper/wrapping paper around the house and decided we should make festive paper chains.  It required a lot more work for me than I thought it would but Jack thought it was awesome.  He said, “Don’t bother us Casey – we’re working on an experiment.”  We hung it from the mantle as Jack wanted.

5:30pm – My new go to meal when Pat is gone will be baked potatoes with broccoli, blue cheese and cheddar cheese.  Maybe some bacon next time, but that would add more work.  So yummy.

6pm – My new game is “How many toys can we pick up in 5 min?”  Jack thinks it fun and can’t believe we can clean most of it up in 5 min.  Of course it helps when you don’t hear the buzzer go off.

8:30pm – The bread is finally baking…2 hrs of rising turned into 4ish.

9pm – I’m baking bread and making a quilt.  Maybe later I’ll sweep my dirt floors and you can call me Laura Ingalls.

10pm – Mmmm!  Warm bread fresh from the oven.


One thought on “Facebook Status Updates

  1. awesome. insert about 5 updates about my boys fighting and it sounds like a similar day! oh! i use artisan bread in 5 minutes a day. no more crazy rising time and dough in the fridge for 14 days.


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