Jack’s Missile Defense

Jack is very interested in missiles these last few days.  I can’t really remember what might have been the catalyst for this.  He keeps asking to look at pictures of missiles on the internet and wants to know what they are doing.  I explain as much as I can, from what I know and what I’m reading about the picture.

I just built him a missile out of a couple pieces of construction paper.  He’s happily playing with it along with a Lego airplane and a plastic box.

“Mommy, do you know who Berker is?”

“No, Jack, I don’t.  Who is he?”

“He’s the pilot of this airplane and just shot the missile out of it.”

“Oh, okay.”

The plastic box is his aircraft carrier.  He’s moved on to a bigger one because it’s easier for the plane to take off and land.

“Mommy, do you know what a surgent is?”

“No, I don’t Jack.  What does it do?”

“It helps the planes take off from the ship.  It gives them a surge.”

“Like the catapult?”

“No, it’s a surgent.”

“Where did you learn about surgents?”

“I just know it.”

Next question.

“Mommy, do you know what this missile is going to shoot?”


“Think about it first Mommy, don’t just say it.  You can think about it.”

This has been going on for 30 minutes now.  His missiles are coming out of submarines, airplanes, ships and big places underground.  He has definitely been absorbing what I’m telling him.  Welcome to Jack’s world.

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