First Day of Preschool

Jack’s first day of school started out a little bit like this…

We were out watching the Navy football game last night and got home a little late.  And that was one a few late nights lately.  So Jack and Casey decided it was a great morning to sleep in.  I was up, showered, had a load of laundry in and had checked my email before the sleepyheads woke up. 
And when they’re sleepy, they eat breakfast really…really… slowly.  We ended up leaving half of Casey’s on the table because I wanted to get going.  We were nowhere near being late, but I neurotically needed to be really early.  The last five minutes in the house involved me trying to get Casey to eat another bite, giving up, changing her clothes on the kitchen floor, grabbing the camera, trying to get Jack to smile and look at the camera and telling Casey we didn’t have time to do her hair.  In fact, she was crying as we left the house because of that.  She wanted to spend 5 minutes picking out just the right elastic and I wanted to get to school.  We brought the brush and elastics with us and I ended up doing her hair in the car when I realized I had plenty of time once I’d arrived.
The photos aren’t even that great because I was just trying to get some and get in the car.  Jack’s not even holding his lunchbox.  (First snack of the year – chocolate chip granola bar and some dates.)  But he’s smiling and looking at the camera.  Once he decided he wanted to have his picture taken, he wanted me to keep snapping pictures.  I brought the camera to school with me in an attempt to get one of him with his lunchbox in front of his school but then people were trying to go in and out of the building around us and the camera wouldn’t work right and I felt a little silly so I just ushered him into the building. 

When we first got to his classroom, Jack tried to hide behind me and was a little shy.  I pointed out all the fun things he could play with but he was still a little shy.  Then I remembered that he hadn’t gone to the bathroom that morning yet, so we went into the bathroom.  I told him I had to go after we left the bathroom.  He walked right into his classroom and said, “Goodbye Mommy!” and didn’t look back.  I think he needed that little moment in the bathroom and then he was ready to go.

Casey and I headed to the grocery store where I got the grocery shopping done in record time.  Tugger even got a walk this morning after we got home.

When I went to pick Jack up at school, he saw me, jumped up and down a couple times and said, “Fun!”  He told Pat that his favorite part of the day was playing on the playground because he made a friend and they played pirates.  He’s told me more about what he did in one day of school that he did in all of last year at his preschool.  And it’s so much fun to listen.  I think it’s going to be a great school year for all of us.

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