A Different Perspective

This is a post from Tugger tonight.

Someone had to get a post written so I “pawed” up to the job.  No posts this last weekend because once again the family went on another vacation.  They’ve been gone a lot this summer.  But I got to go to the kennel and play with my “friends” as the kids call them.  I don’t even really know the other dogs’ names, but we enjoy sniffing and chasing and doing dog things together.  The problem is after I leave the kennel…I’m wiped for days.  I’ve just been laying around sleeping all day.  Jack came down to say good morning to me at some godawful hour and I just pretended I was still asleep.  I moseyed down to the kitchen for breakfast though.  I don’t like to miss any meals or scraps that I might be able to steal from the kids, or off the counter.  Did Teresa ever tell you I managed to get Jack’s birthday cake one day?

Anyway, I guess everyone had a good time in Ocean City while I was at the kennel.  Jack keeps talking about going to the beach and playing in the water and playing in the pool and some pirate restaurant that they went to.  Casey just keeps clomping around in her princess heels that she missed while they were away.  Their toys are everywhere…I have to watch where I step.

I think there is some kind of storm coming this weekend and Jenn is coming too.  When I was a puppy and she came to visit us in Annapolis, I got so excited that I just passed out on the floor.  True story.  They were all worried that I was having a seizure, but I just got really really excited until I fell on the floor.  One other time, Teresa’s friend Aaron was over and I got really excited again.  This time, I jumped into Jack’s crib.  Seriously…over the rail and everything.  I’m not sure who was more amazed, them or me.  Had a tough time getting back out though.  Needed a little help with that.

Before I head up to watch Rachel Zoe, I leave you with some pictures of me…I got to travel a little this summer too.  I can still curl up in the front seat of the car but I really liked sticking my head out the window at red lights.  That was really great until we got back up to about 55 mph…and then I pulled my head back in, hoping for another light soon.

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