Summer Adventures in Maine

Some of our other adventures this summer included…

First four wheeler ride…and first drink of water from the ATV/Snowmobile clubhouse while makeshift repairs were made to one of the four wheelers
First adventure into the woods to get marshmallow toasting sticks, first toasted marshmallow, first burnt marshmallows
First homemade whoopie pies…made by Grammie with Jack’s help, eaten with no help required

2 concerts in the park where Jack and Casey ran around like crazy and then essentially took turns tackling each other…strangely without resulting in any crying or injuries

First trip to foggy Roque Bluffs where you could barely see the ocean through the fog

First trip to the top of Breakneck Mountain and to the highest point in Alexander, Maine to pick blueberries

International Festival parade where Jack and Casey sat close enough to the street to grab a lot of candy…and I let them eat it.

Jack’s first performance at the concert stage in the park

First fireworks…started at 8:30 and home by 9.  They were “too loud for my ears” according to Casey, but she liked the visual display
This is still not the comprehensive list (like someone is grading me on this) but I think it gives a little sense of the busy and fun trip we had.

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