Summer Adventures in Maine – Fishing

I mentioned in a previous post about our trip to Ocean City that Jack got a little obsessed with the idea of going fishing.  I knew that we would definitely get a chance to fish while we were in Maine.  Grampie took off work one afternoon and we went on the four wheelers for a fishing adventure with Jack at Meddybemps Lake.

Jack and Grampie did some fishing and I was the event photographer.  Jack practiced casting from the steps at the house first and got the hang of it before heading to the lake.  He really enjoyed casting and flinging his bobber out into the water.  I don’t think he liked the idea of just sitting and waiting for the bobber to move, but he was still pretty patient with it.  A couple of times he asked, “What time are the fish going to bite?”  His little mind wanted to know exactly when he was going to catch a fish.

Eventually he caught a little sunfish and reeled him in.  He was very proud of it and wanted to take him home and eat him.  
We had a couple of smaller fish nibbling on the worms a few times.  The water was so clear, you could see them swimming in through the grass.  There are three of them in the picture I took.

We didn’t really have a lot of success at our first spot, so we moved to another spot and fished off the rocks for a bit.  Jack was getting tired by this time and his casting was suffering ie anyone near him was in danger of getting stuck with a hook.  Thankfully we had already caught a couple fish and Jack could call his first Maine fishing trip successful.

After that first trip, I guess you could say Jack was hooked…pun intended.  He said that his favorite part of our trip to Maine was fishing and as we were literally heading over the Piscataqua River and leaving Maine, he said he wished we could have stayed a few more days to do some more fishing.
Every time a family member asked him how big the fish was that he caught, he would hold his hands about 6 inches apart.  They would then hold their hands a lot further apart and say, “Don’t you mean this big?” in an attempt to teach Jack how to exaggerate the big catch.  But Jack was having none of that.  He would just say, “No…it was only this big” every single time.  
We went fishing two more times after the first adventure.  The second time we met most of my dad’s family at another lake and everyone brought canoes.  Dad and I took Jack out fishing in the canoe for a while.  He caught a little perch there but I don’t think he loved just trailing his line in the water as we paddled the canoe around.  Once again he was very patient for a 4 year old, but he became more interested in the gummy worms I had than the crawlers for fishing.
On our third fishing trip, we went back to Meddybemps Lake on the four wheelers and brought Casey along.  Before Casey and I had even reached the landing (we were busy taking pictures), Jack had already caught a fish.  The fish were biting pretty good (or wicked good I should say) and we caught three, a few more got away and then we ran out of worms.  Unfortunately, the fish weren’t as interested in the lures but Jack and Casey both caught fish before we switched to lures and everyone was happy. 

I found some wild blueberries to nibble on while we were fishing and Casey enjoyed picking them.  She manages to get so dirty everywhere we go…whether we’re fishing in the country or just sitting in the car in suburbia!


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