Super Vacation!

As Casey has taken to saying, “Oh my gosh!”  I think we took our two weeks of vacationing in Maine to a new level of busyness.  I can’t remember ever cramming so many things into two weeks in Maine, even the week before our wedding.  I sat down last night to just jot down the major things we did each day and it was exhausting just thinking about all of it.  We had pretty big events planned for every day, sometimes two.  And maybe they won’t seem like major events in a couple years when the kids are older and there is no nap time to schedule around, but it was a lot for a 2 year old and a 4 year old.

We still aren’t quite home yet, so I don’t have all my pictures uploaded yet.  (And that reminds me that I forgot to bring the disk with me with the first few hundred pictures I took on vacation.  The few hundred I took in the first two days.)  I’m looking forward to getting home and back into my house though.  And back to a normal bedtime for the kids.  To say bedtime has slipped a little in the past couple of weeks is an understatement.  It’s been about 2 hours late.  For Casey, that means sleeping in a couple extra hours, which means a later start to the day and then to fit everything in, bedtime slips again.  Jack has adjusted to a 9pm bedtime, which means when he goes to bed at 8pm, he requires me to make many trips to his room.  Last night, he deflated his air mattress and told me he did that because he was “frustrated about fruit!”  He wanted strawberries…there were no strawberries.

So we’ll get back to a normal schedule soon, get back to Jack and Casey’s toys, get ready for school (!) and I’ll write more about our adventures when I can add some pictures to it.


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