My Little Artist

Yesterday as I was running in and out of the house to pack the car and dealing with a feverish Casey, Jack proclaimed that he would like to do a craft. Yes, that would be helpful…maybe you could include some glitter in that craft.

He proceeded to get a huge roll of white paper out and started trying to cut a piece off it for himself. I intervened and helped out with that while trying to convince Casey to take some Tylenol.
> The next thing I heard from Jack was, “Mommy! This paper is driving me crazy!”. It was rolling up on him while he was trying to color. We solved that problem with a little tape. The picture above is what he came up with.
> I love it! I think it's better than my stick figures. It's probably something only a parent can be proud of but I just love the little details. The five fingers on the ends of those stick arms, the little round ears on their heads (he told me he almost forgot them) and all that pretty hair on top of my head. I'm the pink one at the top and the smaller version of me (to the left) is when I was a baby. Jack drew himself in dark blue/purple, Casey in light blue and Pat is on the far left in a yellow color.
> I asked if he would leave it on the table for Daddy while we were gone so it would be like we were sitting there eating with him but he had already decided it was for Nana. It came up to the shore with us and is now proudly displayed on the fridge. It makes me smile just to look at it.
> And now I guess Pat can have his phone with him while he's eating and enjoy the electronic version instead. Yay for technology…for being able to write a blog on a phone about a picture of a picture that I took with a phone.


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