A Technology Upgrade…and Tugger Swimming

It seems like we’ve spent a lot of time in the house the last few days, but we’ve also been out and about a lot too.  It’s been so hot here that Jack and Casey have spent most of the time playing inside.  Jack’s sleep schedule has been a little off and he has a been a little cranky…also known as really whiny.  As Dr. Seuss might put it…

All the girls and boys
Would wake bright and early.  They’d rush for their toys!
And then!  Oh, the whining.  Oh, the Whining! Whining!  Whining!  Whining!
That’s one thing Mommy hated!  The WHINING!  WHINING! WHINING!  WHINING!
On Saturday, Pat dropped me off at the mall and then took Tugger, Jack and Casey to a check out the Bea Arthur Dog Park.  It is on the river and turned out to be a great place to take Tugger swimming.  Here is a video Pat took:

Watching Tugger try to swim makes me laugh every time I see it.  
Pat and I got the new iPhones last week and that video was taken with his phone.  This was a big jump for me in the phone arena.  My former phone barely had texting capabilities.  I kind of feel like this iPhone is less of a phone, and more of a tiny little computer that I can carry around with me.  It’s already come in quite handy…as I lounge in bed and watch tv shows.  Pat mentioned that he thought one of the new designers competing on Design Star on HGTV was from Virginia Beach.  Quickly, I was able to consult with the iPhone and find out that it wasn’t true.
I was also able to research Spongebob Squarepants cakes while I lounged in bed last night.  Jack has requested this cake for his birthday despite the fact that he’s never seen the show.  I’m just the cake maker, so I will oblige with this special order.  At the grocery store today, I asked what kind of cake mix Jack wanted me to get.  He responded, “Ummm…Ummm…you can just get whatever you think Mommy.  I like all the cakes.”
After I figured out how I was going to make the Spongebob cake (while still lying in bed), the power went out…again.  It’s gone out 4 times in the last week and it hasn’t been during storms.  Anyway, I turned on my handy iPhone and had myself a makeshift flashlight.  And entertainment too.
Needless to say, my iPhone was a pretty nice birthday present last week.  I should also mention that Pat batted 100% with the gifts he gave me.  He’s very proud that I like everything and that it all fits.  He likes to feel he’s made me more trendy.  Also, my early birthday present from my parents (a new sewing machine) has been working hard the last couple of weeks too and I’ll have more about that in the future.  And, the ice cream maker from my sister churned out a delicious batch of vanilla ice cream, with more to come!
When I sat down to write this post, I didn’t really have any direction in mind, and now you can see that it has rambled all over the place.  But I am done now!

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