Round Two of Circle Conversations

It doesn’t seem that long ago that Jack was driving me nuts by asking me “Why?” over and over again.  Actually, it wasn’t.  And he still asks it a lot, but he’s getting old enough to understand my answers better and he stops asking why at an appropriate time.  At one point, he would just say “Why?” as an automatic response to anything that was said to him.

Now, it’s Casey turn to join in the fun.  She seems to be talking all day now and asking questions.  And I don’t mind the questions.  It’s the fact that she repeats them over and over.

Every single day when we drive by our friends’ house I hear, “Where’s Warner?  Where’s Wes?  Where’s their Mommy?  Where’s their Daddy?”  I answer her and usually she asks the same question again.  Maybe she thinks I’ll have a better answer the second time.

Other times she asks about our names.  The list of questions goes something like this:
Are you Tweesa, Mommy?
Is Daddy Tweesa?
Is Daddy Pat?
Is Daddy Pat?
Are you Tweesa?
What’s Jack’s name?
What’s Daddy’s name?
Is Daddy Pat?
Are you Tweesa?
Is I Tweesa?

It can be a really long conversation with only a few questions and only a few answers.  She just likes to hear herself talk I think.

And, just as Jack did, she is now asking me questions about cars on the road.  “Where is that car going Mommy?”  And she asks it a couple times.  I try to think of different ways to say the car is going a different way, to a different place, etc.  She still asks again.

By dinner time today, I was really tired of talking.  I’m enjoying the peace and quiet of bedtime and maybe tomorrow I’ll have some more satisfying answers!

One thought on “Round Two of Circle Conversations

  1. MW says:

    LOL!! Too cute! We are a 12 hour a day “why” factory over here as well. And I think your name must be really fun to say because J is constantly saying “can we go to Treesa house?”. No more Jack & Casey – it's Treesa's house now. 🙂


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