Random Tuesday

A little randomness…(I’ve only written the word random two times and it’s starting to look really weird.)

Mornings have been busy and good the last two days.  Afternoons have not.   Casey is using up all my patience and then some.  She is continually hitting Jack or pushing him or touching him when he doesn’t want to be touched.  She goes to time out, she gets toys taken away and none of it seems to matter.  I don’t think she’s being malicious at all…she just thinks it’s a fun way to play.  It doesn’t matter if I’m sitting here right beside her, she reaches her arm out and bops Jack on the head or swats him on the back.  I’m hoping it’s just a phase that will pass like all the other ones, but it is really wearing me down lately.  I’m also wondering about some type of force field that can be put up around her and prevents her from touching Jack.  

Jack was playing with his toy snakes yesterday.  He kept bringing them over to me and showing me them and told me, “Don’t worry Mommy.  They can’t snap you because I put a band on them.”  He took a clothespin and put it around the snake’s neck as the “band.”  We were looking at a picture of some lobsters in one of his books and I explained that they had bands on their claws so they couldn’t pinch you.  I guess he took that information and applied it to the snakes.
I realized on Monday that I actually enjoy riding in the car with Jack and Casey and I don’t mind when car rides take a while.  After three and a half years of cringing about any car ride that might take longer than 15 minutes, I now look for reasons to stay in the car a little longer.  I used to worry that they would get bored and start crying and whining hence making the car ride miserable.  Now we’re past the crying stage, Jack is pretty well entertained by the DVD player and Casey is fairly content too, especially if I give her something to eat.  But the biggest reason I enjoy the car now, is because they are both strapped into seats and can’t reach each other…no hitting by Casey and no whining by Jack that Casey hit him.  Let’s go for a ride!

3 thoughts on “Random Tuesday

  1. ha! i love car rides for the exact reason you stated: they're strapped in! it's nice to read about sibling craziness. the boys were born fighting! they pick, pick, pick like no other siblings i've seen and then stick together like glue anywhere they go!


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