Conversation from the Stroller

Jack:  What is that?

Me:  It’s a…RV…a Winnebago…a motor home.  You can go on trips and live in it.

Jack:  We should do that next time.

Me:  That would be nice on our trip to Maine.  (I’m visualizing myself driving a huge RV with Jack, Casey and Tugger wandering around in the back, bouncing off the walls as I hit bumps and swerve to avoid things.)

Jack:  Yeah, can we get one?

Me:  No, it costs a lot of money to buy one.

Jack:  Hmmm…where can we get a lot of money?

(Pause.  I can’t wait to hear what he comes up with.)

Jack:  I know!  We can get it out of my piggy bank in my playroom.

He was so proud of himself for solving that problem.  Then I told him he would probably need to fill the whole playroom with pennies and quarters to be able to buy an RV.

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