April Toys of the Month – Casey

Sometimes there are whole cupboards of toys in this house that sit untouched for months, while other toys get used over and over again.  Usually just when I think that Jack and Casey aren’t going to play with something and I’m ready to put it in our toy graveyard, it becomes their favorite toy for a while.  It’s always interesting to see what they’re playing with at any given time.  Since I’m trying to “capture the days” here, I thought I’d try to write once a month about what toys are currently the “in” toys.

For Casey, it’s her big bin of dolls and accessories.  She has about 4 or 5 dolls with bathtubs and bath accessories, as well as about 8 pairs of princess heels, some tutus and other girlie stuff in one bin.  It’s been sitting in the cupboard since Christmas but apparently April is the month to be playing with it all.  It’s so cute watching her play with her dolls and taking care of them.  Sometimes they nap, sometimes they get baths and sometimes they go in the “car cart” to the store.  (She calls her shopping cart and all shopping carts at stores “car carts.”)  She has a couple of bags and she fills them them up with all her doll bathtub accessories and carries it around with her.  Sometimes she shoves her “babies” into the bag too.

There is one specific pair of shoes that are Casey’s favorites.  She got them for her birthday and they have one of the Disney princesses on them.  She has been wearing them everywhere…she plays in them like they are sneakers while she’s out riding her bike, clip clopping down the driveway.

Casey also has a favorite doll and I think her name is Grace or Sarah, but mostly we just call her Baby.  She asked me where Baby was a few days ago and I said I didn’t know.  She said, “out there” and pointed outside at the sandbox.  I told her I didn’t think baby was in the sandbox.  Sure enough, a couple days later, she said it again – “Baby’s in there” and we opened up the sand box to find her, not too worse the wear for a few nights in a sand box.  I think she may also have spent the night out on the lawn and gotten a little shower a few days ago too.

On Monday we went to the “Elmo Store” also known as “Tar-jay” or plain old Target to most people.  Jack and Casey like to walk down the aisles and look at all the toys.  I told them we weren’t buying any toys and we did pretty well sticking to that plan.  Then Casey spotted a princess lunch box and I’m pretty sure she wasn’t leaving the store without it.  I tried to get her to put it back once, but then I gave in.  I thought it was too cute how much she loved it on first sight despite the fact that she didn’t really know what it was for.  She just loved carrying that princess bag around and was so proud of it.  On the way home from the store, she sang, “Bag, bag, bag, bag…” causing Jack to complain that she was too loud and he couldn’t hear his movie.  Since then, she’s been able to fit Baby, Barbie, a book and her purple ball in her bag and carry them around wherever she goes.  (Barbie is just another baby to her and I think that’s pretty funny too.)  The bag is also useful for bopping Jack on the head, another enjoyable pastime for Casey right now.

So Casey’s been getting all girly in the month of April and it’s fascinating to watch her imagination start to work.  She’s also in a bit of a hitting phase…it’s so much fun to hit Jack with her hands, feet, lunch box, golf clubs, hockey sticks, or anything else she can get her hands on.  And she’s already figured out that the best time to do it is when I am doing something else and not there to stop her.  Hopefully we’ll get that out of her system soon and it won’t be something I need to write too much about in future months.  

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