Did I Just Say That?

There was a moment on Sunday morning where I just started laughing at what had just been said and done.

I was trying to clean some spots off the cabinets and was using some spray to clean them.  Once Jack caught sight of the spray he wanted to be my helper and do all the spraying.  I really didn’t have a lot I wanted to clean, but we moved on to a few different surfaces so he could do some spraying.  (I’m pretty sure I am still trying to clean little drops of milk off of various surfaces in the kitchen from the days when Casey would toss her bottle off the high chair and splatter milk everywhere.)

After I told Jack that we were all done with the spray, he asked, “Can we do the windows now?  I really want to clean the windows.”  And I said no.  What child asks his mother to clean the windows only to have the mother say no?  He asked multiple times and I finally ended up raising my voice to emphasize the answer of “No!”

My raised voice drew Pat into the kitchen and he decided to distract the kids with some cotton candy leftover from the hockey game.  “Who wants cotton candy?” was quickly followed by choruses of “I do! I do!”  They jumped in their chairs and Pat split it up.  Jack had no problem inhaling most of his.  But Casey thought she had been tricked.  She kept saying she wanted “CANDY!” which was obviously not that pink stuff on the table.  We tried to convince her that it was the candy and told her how good it was.

Pat decided if she tasted it, she would see what she was missing.  So he tried to force feed her cotton candy.  She still wanted nothing to do with it…wouldn’t even let it touch her lips.

And that was the point where I just laughed.  We became parents who won’t let our kids clean the windows and will then force feed them cotton candy.  Stay tuned for the week where we don’t let them take baths and only feed them ice cream for meals.

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