Moments from a Saturday

I thought it might be a rough day today.  We were lying in my bed at 7:15 am watching the end of Caillou and all Casey wanted to do was put her feet on Jack, who wanted nothing to do with it.  Even while I was physically keeping her from touching Jack, she kept trying to put her feet back over there.  Luckily they were hungry and we went to get breakfast soon after that.  And the day turned out to be pretty nice.

On a side note, I’m pretty sure Jack thinks he is Caillou some days.  He was showing me some quarters from his piggy bank yesterday and kept telling me he got them at his yard sale.  After he told me that a few times, I finally asked, “Jack, did Caillou have a yard sale?”  And he did.

Here are some moments from our Saturday…

  • Asking the kids where they wanted to go this morning and hearing Casey pipe up with “to the library!”
  • Listening to Casey call me just “Mom” instead of “Mommy” all day…”What u doin’, Mom?”  or “I’m goin’ to the store, Mom.”
  • Casey grabbing a bag of barbeque chips, running to the couch and laying down with the bag of chips on top of her, munching away
  • Going for a walk for which Jack was wearing a short-sleeved pajama top and shorts, a plaid down vest and Lightning McQueen rain boots
  • Casey sitting on the steps at the playground, saying she was in time out (she really wasn’t) but when she jumped up and ran away 10 seconds later, saying, “All done timeout.”
  • Watching Casey pretend all day and use her imagination
  • Watching Jack try to teach Casey how to hit a golf ball by putting his arms around her just the way Pat shows Jack how to do it
  • How fresh and clean Casey smelled after her bath and how fascinated she was with her wrinkly fingers
  • Hearing Jack say, “You and Casey can play dress up or something after we go,” as he and Pat headed out to a hockey game
  • Hearing Jack ask to eat “some of that stuff that gives me a blue mustache” when he gets to the hockey game…also known as cotton candy
  • Listening to Jack and Casey sound so grown up all day

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