New Pillows

I finished the first of what I hope is many crafty projects today. I think I started this project about 4 weeks ago when I ran out to Hancock Fabric on a Sunday afternoon to buy some fabric to cover some pillows. The pillows I planned to cover were red and I switched to a blue with white polka dot. Hancock Fabric closes at 5pm on Sundays which I learned as I pondering different colors and a store manager announced that the store was now closed. The blue with polka dots was in front of me at the time and that’s what I went with.

This couch doesn’t get used much, except by the dog, so I wanted to make a cover for these red pillows that I could just throw in the wash when I needed to eliminate some dog slobber. I used a simple tutorial from a blog called Make It and Love It.

The hardest part of this project was cutting out the material. I didn’t have all the right supplies to make sure that I had straight lines and square corners. I thought if I just used the polka dots as a guide that everything would come out alright. This was not true, as one came out a little skewed. Because I was a little dejected by this, it took about three weeks of the fabric just sitting on my dining room table before I finally sewed them. The second hardest part of the project was digging the sewing machine out of the closet and actually bringing it all the way down the stairs and taking it out of the box. After that, it was a sewing breeze.
It’s not the most dramatic transformation ever, but it gives the couch and the room a fresh look and brings out the blue in the Annapolis picture above the couch.

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