Casey at 2

A glimpse of Casey, what she is like and what she likes, at age 2…

– is 29 pounds and 34 1/2 inches tall…she was in the 5th percentile for the first year of her life, but has now moved up to around 75th percentile
– is fearless!
– likes Dora and Elmo, but rarely sits to watch them for more than 5 minutes except when she is in the car…she actually talks back to Dora when Dora asks questions and tells them to repeat things
– likes to take Tugger for a walk and sit in the stroller
– loves to color…paper is fine, but the table and her hands are even more fun
– loves her big brother but likes the moments when she has us to herself too
– will do whatever Jack does, sometimes to the point that if Jack trips and falls, Casey will fall down too
– is starting to come up with her own thoughts and ideas and voice them (as opposed to parroting what Jack says)
– likes to push things around, although not as much as she used to…she is pushing around the shopping cart and baby stroller lately
– still has a pacifier for naps and night time but for some reason she calls it a “gunkle”
– likes to lay in her crib for up to half an hour after she’s called me in to get her…sometimes Jack is in there too for a party in the crib
– can put on her own socks and shoes, if she wants to
– loves sweet potatoes, oatmeal and currently chicken and steak…she is a pretty good eater, but has her moments of pickiness
– likes story time and her favorite book is called Peedie…”Peedie is gosling. Peedie is a small yellow gosling who forgets things sometimes.”
– likes to try to sing along to her bedtime songs and always requests a Christmas song
– can do somersaults but still has a tough time with jumping
– says “Bless You” in the cutest little voice when someone sneezes
– likes to be picked up and carried around right around when I’m trying to make dinner…she says, “Hug please” and that means she wants to be picked up
Overall, she’s a very happy little girl. She’s a huge fan of her big brother and follows/mimics him all day long. They play together pretty well now that she no longer (innocently) destroys all of his creations. Sometimes she’s a little bug and tortures him, but he probably deserves it.
She adapts well to almost any situation and is a pretty confident two year old. She’s not big on sitting still for any length of time but (hopefully) that will improve soon.
Most of all, she is loved very much by her Mommy and Daddy.

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