Goodbye Nap…Wish I Could Say Goodbye Winter

The Olympics are sucking the life out of me. I keep staying up too late to watch them. And I can no longer count on getting a little nap while the kids nap. For about 3 weeks, Jack hasn’t been napping very much, maybe one or two times a week. So, it is with great sadness that I am changing naptime to quiet time and/or special time with Mommy for Jack. I’m going to make him stay in his room for an hour and then he can come out and we’ll do something together. The exception is on Wednesdays when he has a Little Gym class at 7:15pm. I will continue to try to make him nap on that day so he still has some energy to make it through class.

Yesterday, it warmed up to 55 degrees here and it was so nice. Today, not so much. Maybe because it was so nice yesterday, today feels like the coldest day of they year. And it was windy, cold, cold windy. Despite the fact that I’m wearing a sweater and have recently added a scarf, I was cold earlier and turned the heat up. Apparently, Jack felt the extra two degrees to be a little high for his comfort and declared that he was hot. At “quiet” time, he took off his long sleeve shirt and just before dinner, he decided he was still hot and ran up to his room to get shorts. And as Jack does, so must Casey. I can’t imagine that she even remembers what it’s like to wear shorts, but she ran up to her room and actually came back downstairs with a pair of shorts that she found in the back of her drawer.
We also received some Valentine’s candy today…their first candy necklaces, a chocolate dog and a race car with candy in it. Even though it was right before dinner, I just let them have it because it was a good distraction and it kept them happy. (Dinner, on the other hand was another unhappy affair with Jack…most likely the result of the earlier candy.)
And so, on a cold February day, two days after Valentine’s day, here are my children dressed in their shorts and candy…

He’s saying cheese…and he’s really into it.

It looks like Tugger is eating Jack’s candy, but she’s not.

One thought on “Goodbye Nap…Wish I Could Say Goodbye Winter

  1. I'm so sorry for your loss! I'm not sure what I'll do when it's time for Turner's to disappear. He's a mess without it! The cheesers in shorts were too cute. Here's to warmer weather soon!


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