Casey Gets Funny

In the last week, Casey has really started to have her own, clearly vocal, opinions about things. She’s been talking in sentences for a while now, but mostly it was mimicking exactly what Jack said. She also understands the questions I’m asking her and usually responds with a cute little “Yah.”
Today on the way to pick Jack up from school, we drove by where we would normally turn to go home. Casey said something that sounded like, “Warner’s in there.”
She was playing with her purse and I thought she was stating that something was in her purse, but Warner is a person so I didn’t know exactly what she meant. I said, “Where is Warner, Casey?”
She responded with a pretty clear, “Warner’s in there, Mommy!” Like I should know exactly what she was talking about and she didn’t appreciate having to repeat herself. I just laughed to myself…and I still don’t know what she meant.
The reason she has been carrying her little purse around with her (which is so cute) is because she kept trying to take Jack’s backpack on the walk into his school. I had to start putting a snack in her purse so she could carry her “backpack” just like Jack carries his. She also tries to take her jacket off as soon as we get in there and would be perfectly content to just stay in class with Jack.
This afternoon, we were playing with Casey’s horse. It came with a cute carrying bag, a saddle, a comb, an apple and a carrot. She was feeding the carrot, then the apple to the horse. Jack came over to check it out and told her, “Horses really like apples, Casey.” He sounded like quite the authority on that…apparently from all our trips to the stables? Anyway, Casey hopped up and said, “I’ll be right back.”
She ran into the dining room and I thought she was going to the kitchen to get a real apple. Instead she came back with a wooden puzzle piece of Hawaii from our 50 states puzzle. She was so proud of herself and had a big smile on her face as she fed Hawaii to the horse. If only she could have said, “Horses really like Hawaii too, Jack.” I have no idea why she thought to go get that puzzle piece but it made me laugh.
After Casey was done playing with the horse, Jack thought he should ride around on it. The horse is only 8 inches tall! I wish I had a picture but hopefully it will be funny enough trying to visualize Jack riding on an 8 inch stuffed horse. He initially had some trouble with the reins but we fixed them up and I guess he enjoyed the ride. (I tried to write a sentence about visualizing Jack with an 8 inch horse between his legs but I knew exactly where the male mind was taking that so I revised a little.)
It’s nice to be able to write some cute things about Casey for a couple of reasons. I thought she was seriously going to give me a run for the money with the terrible twos when she laid down on the street the other day and refused to move as I was trying to get her into the car. I thought it was just a glimpse of what was to come. Now I’m thinking maybe she was just getting ready to emerge into the cuteness I’ve seen in the last few days. (Although I know more battles are coming.) And secondly, there are just a few more funny stories about Jack than Casey. It would be nice to level it out a little.

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