The Post Christmas Blahs

Some days, there’s just not a lot of funny going on around here. Actually, I’ll amend that. There are generally some funny moments to every day. But on some days, all the mundane, frustrating and exasperating moments block out the funny stuff.

For Jack’s part, he’s had some bed wetting for a few days combined with no naps. Then I guess he decided he needed to overcompensate and wake up twice in the night to prevent the bedwetting.
Casey has taken to the statement, “It’s mine!” with vigor. She doesn’t necessarily want what she has claimed as hers but thinks it’s important to repeat the sentiment over and over.
I’ve put together the same puzzle dozens of times with Casey. I’ve listened to Jack ask the same answerless question over and over.
On a funny side note, Jack is now beginning his sentences with “Well…” For example, “Well…I think I want peanut butter and jelly for lunch.”
So, just as I was thinking of the fact that I didn’t have a lot of funny stories, I sat down at the computer to write just that. And then I looked at my computer, more specifically at the sticky notes at the bottom…
The note on the left is a list of the things I wanted to get done on the computer and I stuck it on the monitor to remind myself. It’s been there about 2 months and after a while it stopped being a novelty and I stopped thinking about any of those things. Today, Jack found the sticky notes and decided that he should write his own note. After Jack wrote his, Casey decided she needed to write one too. And now there are three. Here’s Jack’s note a little closer…

I’m probably more likely to do that than I am to do the things on my list.

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