Just a few funny stories from the past couple of days…
We got Jack some bigger hockey sticks for Christmas and now he wants to play hockey a lot more. The entryway has one again turned into an ice rink. The Diego and Nemo push cars have turned into Zambonis. And he found himself a goalie.
We went to watch the Norfolk Admirals play last week and he got a 8×11 poster of the back-up goalie. It was sitting by all his hockey gear for a few days. At some point when I told him to wait a few minutes before I could play with him, he decided to set picture of the goalie up in front of his net. I just started laughing when I saw it. He’s not the greatest goalie, but I think Jack likes that he can get quite a few pucks by him.
After Christmas, we (I) took a big bin full of trucks and diggers and boy things and replaced it with all of Casey high heels, baby dolls and generally girly things. Tonight she pulled it out and was playing with some shoes and necklaces (as was Jack.) She clomped around the house for a while until she got to Tugger. Then she said, “Shoes on Tugger?” and tried to put the heels on Tugger. Tugger didn’t cooperate but luckily it didn’t seem to bother Casey too much. She put them back on and went to get the tutu away from Jack.
Today in the car, Jack asked me if I liked some kind of sandwich. “What kind of sandwich, Jack?” I asked.
“Do you like knuckle sandwiches, Mommy?”
“Where did you hear about knuckle sandwiches?” I asked. For the record I’m not a big fan.
“From Daddy,” Jack quickly responded.
I started to explain to him that a knuckle sandwich wasn’t very nice and that nobody really likes them because they hurt your face.
“No, Mommy, a knuckle sandwich is for when you scream.”
Apparently when Casey was screaming once, Pat asked her if she wanted a knuckle sandwich. Totally joking!!! Now Jack likes to screech to get Pat to ask him if he wants a knuckle sandwich.
We read a story about Clifford’s (the big red dog) best friend tonight, Emily Elizabeth. When I asked him who his best friend was, he said Casey. So cute. And it makes up for him saying at Thanksgiving that he was thankful for the train named Emily. (The teacher thought it was his sister.)

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