Just Keeping it Clean

Both grandmothers decided that the kids needed a toy vacuum for Christmas. I’m not sure if they think my carpets are dirty and figured they would be cleaner if 2 and 3 year olds did the cleaning or if they know that I secretly like vacuuming and therefore it would follow that my kids like vacuuming. Luckily, it turns out that they do like vacuuming. In fact, they went methodically from room to room upstairs on Christmas day. Jack even did some detail cleaning. At one point Casey says, “Loud, Loud, Loud!” When she was younger and I wanted to vacuum, I thought that I should try to ramp up the noise level in the room so I would say, “Loud, Loud, Loud!” I figured that was gentler than just throwing the switch and scaring her. Now she thinks it’s what you say when you vacuum.

Anyway, from Casey’s room, to my room/bathroom, to Jack’s room to the playroom, I present “Dueling Vacuums.”

One thought on “Just Keeping it Clean

  1. So funny! I'm always wishing our toy vacuum really cleaned the floors.
    I love the red kitchen set in your Christmas post too. A few years ago I was on a mission to find a gender neutral play kitchen for my oldest son. I eventually found one that I didn't really like much. That red one would have been perfect!


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