Happy Halloween

I started writing while Pat was out with Jack and Casey getting treats but then they came home. Jack said, “I got a million pieces Mommy!” He also managed to throw the word ‘tremendous’ into his chatter today – “Daddy got a ‘mendous hit!” This school is teaching him amazing things. Or more likely Caillou, Little Einsteins and the Backyardigans. TV can be educational!
Anyway, Jack was a ghost and Casey was a giraffe, for a little while. It was almost 80 degrees out, so the giraffe jacket got a little warm.
I’ve never seen someone so excited to be a ghost as Jack was. I got some sheets and tried to make a decent ghost costume. Two times in a row, I cut the hole for his head way too big. I tried to turn the pillowcase into part of his costume too. That didn’t turn out well at all. It really shouldn’t be that hard to make a ghost costume, but I was trying to make sure his head wasn’t covered and he could get his arms out. Pat bought some white hair paint and white face makeup and that solved the problem. Jack finally felt like a scary ghost once he put it on and then we safety pinned the sheet so it wouldn’t fall off him. He then spent the next 20 minutes running around being scary.
Strangely enough, my kids ended their Halloween festivities this evening with an apple. After some candy, Jack claimed that was still really hungry. I figured he was only hungry for candy and was surprised when he took me up on my offer of an apple. As for me though, I’m about to dig into their candy.
Last night we went to a Halloween party at the Little Gym and Jack was Batman. I convinced him that it would be too hard to tumble in his ghost costume. Casey was a doctor for a few minutes until she reverted back to cute little girl.
Tomorrow we’re heading to the zoo in costume also. I think Jack has decided he wants to be the giraffe so he can meet up with his giraffe friends. No shortage of costumes here, that’s for sure.
We carved pumpkins yesterday too. “We” being Pat and I. Jack could only be convinced to scoop out the goop one time and that’s about all the interest he had in pumpkin carving. Once it was carved though, he really like seeing it with the candle inside. Pat carved the Phillies logo in his pumpkin, also known as Jack’s pumpkin. I carved a traditional Jack’o’lantern that turned out terrible…it’s been a few years. All the features were too small and it didn’t light up well at all.
And on a final note, Nerds just aren’t as good as they were 20 years ago.
Here are some Halloween pictures…

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